…Guardians… 4…?

A new H!P group for Shugo Chara, H!P’s anime BFF, has been announced! It’s called Guardians 4 and consists of Kumai Yurina, Sugaya Risako, Nakajima Saki and Mitsui Aika.

So my initial reaction to the new group was this:

“Is that a g-word I spy? G as in… GRADUATION?! OHMIGOD. KUMAI’S GRADUATING?!”

After more careful perusal, I figured out that the word was indeed “guardian,” and not “graduation.”

Although I love the idea of a new grouping of H!P girls, I’m none too pleased with this one. All I can say is that as of now, even Yurina cannot save this painful grouping of girls. None of them can sing a jot aside from Yurina, who’s hit-and-miss. I HATE Mittsi’s ugly hair-cut, and Risako cannot dance. What was the inspiration behind this group?! Perhaps it’s a similarity to the characters?

In Shugo Chara, the main character (Amu) is part of what is essentially a souped-up school-council called the School Guardians. The girls in Guardians 4 are wearing the School Guardians’ outfits. Let’s compare the girls to some of the anime/manga’s School Guardians, shall we?

Kumai Yurina:

Comparable School Guardian: Nadeshiko/Nagihiko.

Nadeshiko is the gentle, feminine and reserved best friend of the main character. She has long, black hair and is somewhat tall. She is also a boy. There’s a little side story about how it’s tradition for the boys in his family to be raised as girls until they reach a certain age, to supposedly learn how to play female roles in traditional Japanese dance. Nagihiko is his name as a boy.

Yurina actually fits this character well. Yurina has a very refined, gentle and ladylike aura to her, just like Nadeshiko/Nagihiko. She’s a very traditional Japanese beauty… And if she’s actually a cross-dresser, more power to her.

Nakajima Saki:

Comparable School Guardian: Yaya Yuiko or Nadeshiko/Nagihiko as well.

Yaya is the youngest Guardian. She’s determined to act like a baby (in order to get her parents’ attention back from her baby brother). She is hyper and likes cute things. I say that Saki fits this image because she is sort of tiny and scrappy and cutesy like that.

The only reason that I say that Nadeshiko might suit Nakki is the way that her hair is in the preview images- She’s got it tied back in a bow, which was Nadeshiko’s signature look.

Sugaya Risako

Comparable School Guardian: Mashiro Rima

Rima is the gorgeous but stuck-up and aloof new girl at the school, who eventually joins the Guardians when Nadeshiko leaves to go… er, go away and then return as Nagihiko.

She fits my idea of Sugaya perfectly. Risako exudes this over-confident, aloof aura- she knows people love her, and she thinks that she’s totally deserving of that love no matter what. Many also find her to be indescribably gorgeous. Similarly, Rima stands aloof and doesn’t even try to make friends when she joins the Guardians- she insists that all she needs are her love-struck male “slaves,” the boys in the class who, having a crush on her, will do anything for her. Kinda like wota.

Mitsui Aika:

Comparable School Guardian: Soma Kukai

Kukai is the sporty, jocky, gung-ho character that’s friends with everyone and totally in your face. He’s loud and bright and cheerful, which to me totally fits with the slightly more mischievous, genki side of Mittsi. However, Kukai leaves the Guardian’s early on. What does this say about Mittsi’s prescence within the group?


Striking as they may be, as far as I’m concerned, these similarities are no excuse for such a tossed-together group. Weren’t Mittsi and Saki together already in that Robby & Kerobby or whatever group? I dunno. This grouping just seems so random. Well, we’ll see. I just hope that they aren’t going to be replacing Buono!

6 Responses to …Guardians… 4…?

  1. Nozofan says:

    Haa Kukai is my favorite character in SHugo and I like Mittsi ! ~The group is good but… Not Risako. I would have put someone else instead of risako.

    I want some unit with Captain ! A cool unit T^T !

  2. […] what we need. Another Shugo! group. (Guardians 4) (Sweet Wind) …Guardians… 4…? […]

  3. lula says:

    I ‘m just wonder what’s the matter with Risako the description you’ve done is i think pretty hatter and not
    pertinent, if she can not sing and dance, she will not be a main character , if you see videos, you will see that she’s ook really shy and sometimes a bit low-self esteem so “Risako exudes this over-confident” sorry but…no

  4. Usa-chan says:

    @lula: While I don’t hate Risako, I will stand by the opinion that she is a poor singer, poor dancer, and seems fairly arrogant.

  5. Cardcaptor Jim says:

    Okay, I’m no expert on Shugo Chara! because I haven’t seen it yet. However, I’m a fan of C-ute and Saki Nakajima. Her work outside of C-ute is far more interesting than, say, Maimi Yajima’s. (High King – YUCK!) “I Love You I Love You” is one of the few highlights on C-ute’s fourth CD. “Omakase Guardian” is an awesome song, so don’t knock it.

  6. Usa-chan says:

    @Cardcaptor Jim: I liked “Aishiteru Aishiteru,” although mostly because of Kanna- I’ve never been a fan of Nakajima’s vocals. Her dancing begins to make up for it, but I tend to prefer less nasal voices. Also, I don’t recall “knocking” Omakase Guardian. As a matter of fact, that single didn’t exist when I made this post.

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