Hey-o, Miyavi’s got a new single!

June 17, 2009

Miyavi kinda has a new single out, after a yearlong drought of singles.

By “kinda” I mean that he has a demo of this new song out on his Myspace page, but no official release yet. It’s… a surprisingly good song.  Part of the reason I’ve been less interested in Miyavi lately is the fact that he seemed to have a lot of pretense to his latest singles. It was all bluff and effects and a thousand different instruments, and I couldn’t relate to any of it. However, Hi no Hikari Sae Todokanai Basho De (his last single before this new one) was a refreshing change. He hadn’t stripped away all of his sound effects or random odd background voices, but there was much more humanity and emotion in the song, and it made me feel like Miyavi might be onto something good.

Fast forward to this next single, and once again I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a link to the song:

PS: Whenever I hear Myv speak in English, he always sounds like this kid I knew in 3rd grade who would stuff marbles in his mouth and try to talk. It’s hard to take him seriously, so I just don’t. XD

The song, Super Hero, starts off in the annoyingly blustery style of  singles past, with Miyavi showing off the fact that he can actually speak English now, but then makes a very natural shift into a much more beautiful style. There’s very little pretense to the rest of the song- much like his last single, the song seems somehow vulnerable, despite its flaws.  The slower, softer parts at the very beginning and in between verses seem almost dreamlike, introspective and fragile. Then the speed begins to slowly pick up until suddenly the chorus arrives with a kind of wounded vengeance that is far more emotionally accessible than anything Myv has done lately.

In all, I was highly impressed with this song. It could be that his recent marriage and impending fatherhood has helped to calm Miyavi down a little bit.

PPS: While I was looking up info about this song, it hit me…
Miyavi is close to being 30 years old. Myu hu hu! He’ll be 28 this year! Creepy.