September 20, 2009

Say what?!

Koharu’s graduating?

WTF? But… But I just started loving her! T_T Much like Sayumi and Linlin, my feelings for Koharu started off as less than positive- in fact, I couldn’t stand her. But like the aforementioned two, something in Koharu began to win me over, and at the time of writing this I consider her one the most attractive girls among the current members, not to mention entertaining and, yes, talented.

The more I think about this, the less of my original shock (My initial reaction was to stage-whisper “What the fuck?!” over and over while I read the Hello!Online post) I feel. I feel like we’ve all had it too good for too long- there’s no way that we could have kept this amazing line-up for any longer than we already have. I feel like we’re actually pretty lucky to have got off with losing only Kusumi in all of this time.

Actually, Kusumi is the one girl that has the best prospects for a career once she leaves H!P. Although I think that she could have still grown within H!P, it’s very clear that she no longer needs H!P to help define her as a star. When she was younger she was content to just sit and be cute. She didn’t really exude any overwhelming feeling aside from newbiness. Slowly she began exhibiting that over-the-top hyperness that made most of us wonder if she was on crack. To me, that seemed like a desperate grab for attention, an attempt to stand out amongst the rest of the members that just wasn’t hitting the right note. Nowadays she’s begun to exude a confident, almost refined aura. No, she hasn’t lost all of that crackheadedness, but she knows where and when to unleash it. That’s something only a really good performer knows how to do. Such versatility will help her succeed in whatever she wants to do once she’s out of H!P, as will her youth and beauty.

Hello!Project seems to know what they’re losing on this one. Tsunku mentioned wanting to give Koharu a solo career, but it seems that she’s having none of it. Like Erika, she wants to become a model, something that is certainly possible for someone of her beauty (not to mention height).

I’m not going to wish Kusumi luck- but it’s not that I don’t want her to do well. I just know that she’ll do well regardless of what anyone says.