Hello, everyo…

June 2, 2012



Hello, everyone! I have survived my first year at Sarah Lawrence college, and am now happily back home in Vermont. I have a few posts currently in the making, and they should be up soon! I’ll also be doing some sort of fan report of Berryz Koubou’s performance at AnimeNext. I just found out that I could go, so my plans are rather last minute, but just seeing the girls again will be so much fun! I hope to see some of you there.

In terms of this blog, I’d like to make a few (admittedly small) changes. First off: While reading through some old posts, I was shocked by the amount of vitriol in some of my posts. True, some of it was joking and funny, but I regret using words like “hate” so often. I don’t hate anyone in H!P, nor do I blame any girl for receiving disproprtionate amounts of screentime/solo lines/promotion. Do I still prefer some girls over others? You bet. Do I still find it disheartening to see the effort of some girls not pay off in terms of promotion? Of course. But I’m going to make it clear- in no way do I think the girls have control over such things. Idols should not be penalized for the decisions of their agencies.

In some ways, my enjoyment of Idols has changed. While I’m by no means a DD, I find it much easier to enjoy concerts and such now because I am so excited about every group. Even though I still have some clear favorites, I appreciate the things that make each idol special, whether it’s Risako’s ubiquitous pout, or Zukki’s… interesting hairstyles. It’s a lot more fun this way, and I think that’ll show through in my blog posts.

I’ve also been having some major nostalgia for classic H!P moments- old Utaban and HaroMoni episodes. Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons (that perennial classic), and old Ayaya performances are all I want to watch right now.

…and when I’m not doing that, I’m busy falling in love with all of the new Idols that’ve joined H!P over the past year and a half! The 9th gen, 10th gen, and new S/mileage members all joining at once have given Hello! Project an injection of youth and fun that I hadn’t even realized was missing. I can’t wait to watch these new girls grow- and blog about them as they do.

Since this is something of an unofficial new start for this blog, is there anything you would be interested in reading about? Some of my favorite blogs do regular theme posts on certain weekdays, and I’ve been thinking of doing something like that at least once a week. Leave a comment to tell me what you think! (Or don’t- it’s okay, bloggers have natural telepathy, you know.)

Just a note…

June 18, 2011

Hi kids! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted very much lately- I’ve been busy graduating from high school. I graduated today, so I should soon be faced with a summer of free time during which to blog!

Thanks to everyone who checks this blog every day. I’ll be back soon!


May 29, 2011

So, according to his Twitter, Tsunku is adding more members to S/mileage.

Let me be the first to request that he had Super Awesome Egg Miyamoto Karin.

More on this laaaaaater!

A huge thank you, and a blog you should visit!

January 16, 2011

You may have noticed that Aoi♥Usagi has gotten a bit of an upgrade,  header-wise. If you haven’t noticed that, take your eyes and lift them vertically to the top of this page. Allow the visual messages to be relayed to your brain. Process them. Now return to this text. Do you understand? That image that you just viewed is different than it was last week. You see it now? Good. I’m glad we’ve straightened this out.

Despite being a person who loves to draw and sketch, I have absolutely no skills when it comes to photomanipulation, photoshopping, and graphics in general. My first header was just a huge image loaded into wordpress and cropped to fit, and my last one, despite sporting images of the Lovely Linlin, was ugly as poo. This new header is neither of those things…

…Which ought to lead you, dear reader, to one conclusion: This current header was made by someone other than the author behind Aoi♥Usagi. The very observant among you (likely not those I had to direct to look up in the first paragraph) will have noticed a small watermark in the upper left corner. “Header by Isilie.” Does that name sound familiar at all? I hope it does!

Itsumo Genki is one of my favorite blogs. Run by Isilwentari (Isilie), it’s a bit like Aoi♥Usagi in its subject matter. I never fail to laugh when I read Isilie’s blog, whether it be over her irreverent nicknames (can you guess who was dubbed “Diamond-Sucker?”) or her gushing eye-candy posts… and she always, always has an awesome header.  I commented to that effect, and without reservation, Isilie offered to make me a header for my blog!  It’s thanks to her that the lovely Airi header now graces my blog.  She made a bunch, so expect this blog to be pretty for a while to come!

If you like to laugh, to look at pretty headers, adorable pictures of the H!P girls, and a to read a good balance between light-hearted and in-depth posts, go check Itsumo Genki out!

Isilie, thank you so much!

PS: All of the Yossy in this post was for Isilie. She adores Yossy, and I say, good taste!

Damn it.

January 9, 2011

I knew it. As soon as I saw that H!O was being slower than usual, I knew that this had to be the reason.
But still. It’s too soon.


August 30, 2010

Hi folks!

I’m currently trying out some things with my header,  so apologies in advance if things look a bit unprofessional around here! Hopefully I’ll figure it out before too long.

How do I Lin thee? Let me count the ways…

October 14, 2008

I’m pretty sure that SOMEWHERE, floating around in this crazed rant-box that I call a blog, is a quote basically stating that if Linlin were to start using her real, powerful voice, I’d start to like her. The best example of using said amazing voice to be found is in her training tapes, such as this itty bitty clip (oh, how she hits those high notes at the end!) :

What is Rebecca talking about now, you wonder to yourself. You’re probably wondering whether it’ll be entertaining or contain LinlinBabyEater jokes. Well, read on and find out!

Now, let’s talk about Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou. That’s a really, really long title for a song that basically boils down to this: “THAT GORGEOUS SONG IN WHICH LIN2 AND JUN2 GET TO SING IN CHINESE.” I’ve loved this song since it was first described in a few blogs, and my love only increased when the first shaky concert recordings appeared. Then, wonder of wonders, a certain New Star did us all a favor and leaked the song all over the internet. I was so touched on hearing Junjun’s line because she’s, well, Junjun and I adore her, and Lin… Lin left me speechless. The best part for me was that H!P was finally doing some real harmonies again, but that’s a rant for another post.

Fast forward to 11:30 last night, when I was having a very CRAP night. While hoping that a friend would send me an e-mail, I decided to check one last time for anything new that was H!P related. Lucky for me, there was. Dohhh UP! had uploaded a beautiful Wonderful Hearts version of Ame no. Not sure what to expect, I began watching (I’ve provided a link at the bottom of this post).

And you know what? Linlin made me love her. She was just… amazing to the extent that I can’t quite believe her. Through this performance, Lin2’s accomplished quite a feat: She’s gotten me interested in Momusu again, just like I was when I first started to learn their names. I want to learn more, to know if she’ll continue using this kind of voice, to stay tuned and find out if she’ll be able to accomplish any other MMM (Morning Musume Miracles) for me.

(Seriously. Quite dorky.)

She’s great for a fan like me; She’s a little awkward and really, quite dorky at times. She’s an underdog, and a lot of people can’t stand her. And yet, she’s a true performer who can absolutely light up a stage with her craziness and voice. When the last note of her solo line in  Ame no died away and she broke into this absolutely beautiful smile, it was like I finally began to take her seriously.

Even watching her in the training clip above, I find myself giggling at her antics. She seems so surpemely confidant in herself, doing the vocal coach’s hand motions and whatnot with gusto, laughing out loud and just generally enjoying the heck out of herself. She makes me want to know more about her, which is something that MM desperately needs among its stagnant ranks right now.

So, uh… thanks, Linlin. You saved my night from being completely horrid.

And, because this is my blog and I say what goes:


(( http://www.dohhhup.com/movie/EwSwQNgnfwSyDYM8HPMudUUf3biVLFRT/view.php ))