The Safari Begins!

January 14, 2009


In this post, I proclaimed my eternal terror for Mano Erina.

Now I see that I was only afraid of her hair.

I’m not kidding- this picture may be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. If only Mano had actually cut her hair short, instead of just pulled it back. For some reason, she just seems so much less… menacing… when she does her hair like this!


Then again… maybe this look is all just a plot to fool those of us who, like myself, are still skeptical. Mano is, after all, a predator who is a master of camouflage and disguise, taking on the faces of her Idol victims in order to get closer to her next prey. In the above picture, one can clearly see her infamous routine at work, as she is showing the face of one of her earliest victims, a certain Morning Musume member whose name rhymes with Shichishige Mayumi.

This this tactic allows her to infiltrate even the most genki of dressing rooms, posing for seemingly “cute” and “harmless” pictures. The real reason behind that hug? She’s feeling up the amount of muscle on her next meal, of course.

Well I won’t be fooled, Miss Mano. This wota will continue to monitor your behavior as a predator amongst the unsuspecting gazelle… er… idols.

…And so, the safari begins!

{This may become a semi-regular series… sort of the opposite of a worship post, I suppose. And don’t worry- whilemy discomfort over ManoEri is completely real, my belief that she eats other Idols is merely harmless speculation.

🙂 }