The second installment of my Rankingu Revolution shall deal with the Berryz- my first and still favorite group of singing-dancing J-pop hamsters!

Last year’s thoughts

#7. Sugaya Risako

Former position: #7

Oooooooooooh C-ko, how I dislike thee! For all the standard reasons, of course; her hotter-than-thou persona, her refusal to sing like a civilized person, and her evident lack of effort when it comes to dancing.

Now, two of those three flaws also could apply to a certain Ishimura Maiha, adorable woodchuck Berry of my dreams (seriously, I love that girl), so what’s the difference, one wonders? Well, look at the difference in line distribution betwixt the two. See it? Good. Now go listen to Yume de Do Wop (Do up? Doo Wop? Uh… Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteru You Know’s b-side) and think about the Woodhchuck Berry, and sigh.

#6. Natsuyaki Miyabi

Former position (one wonders why I don’t say “former rank,” as this is a ranking…): #4

So at this point, rank doesn’t really matter any more. I love every single one of the non-Risako Berryz nearly equally. Where they rank just depends on how I’m feeling that day, or how they performed at the latest live.

So Miyabi gets ranked here, but there’s really very little change in how I feel about her from last year. She’s only getting more and more gorgeous, although lately I feel like she’s expressionless during live performances. I love her new haircut.

chinamilegs#5. Tokunaga Chinami

Former Position: #3

I could say that China and Momo are tied for their position, but that would be boring, wouldn’t it? I basically think that Chinami’s the hottest thing that’s ever walked around on two legs. Especially her two legs… She’s also nearly as funny as Momoko.

#4. Tsugunaga Momoko

Former Position: #5


She’s entertaining and has the best singing ability (but not the best voice, that would be Miya) out of all of the Berryz. I absolutely adore her.

Also. What is with the Berryz looking like animals? Momoko is a strange monkeygirl, Miyabi is Seabiscuit, and Maiha was obviously descended from a long lineage of woodchucks. Kumai even has the word “bear” in her name! Hmm…

Idols genetically made to contain animal DNA…

It’s like a cross between Kirarin Revolution and Tokyo Mew Mew. OH GOD. THE SHOUJO. IT BURNS.

009#3. Kumai Yurina

Former Position: #2

After all this time, I still love Yurina. If I had to pick one Berryz member to meet, it would be Saki, and I’d fangirl all over her. But if I had to pick one Berryz member to call up when I was sad, it would be Yurina. Just looking at pictures of her calms me down, and watching her perform always has me sitting there with this stupid happy smile on my face. She exudes a sweet gentleness that always makes me glad to be around.


maasama#2. Sudou Maasa

Former Position: #1

Before I say anything; Maasa is getting her first photobook! Can I get a Hellz Yeah?! Whoever at UFA made that decision has my eternal love and respect. Then again, that same person might have had the idea to give Rii three (or was it four now?) photobooks before O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN ever even got one, so… I revoke my respect.

I never download PBs- I’ve only done so on two occasions (That would be Kamei’s Maple and Yurina’s… whatever it’s called. Probably “Yurina” or something. First photobooks in H!P get the lamest titles), but I’m definitely going to find some way to download this one.

Maasa and Captain occasionally change places for first or second, depending on how I’m feeling that day. Maasa makes me laugh. I look at her, and I laugh. I can just feel that funny things are just around the corner. Maa has a strong personality, which is good when compared with such gentle creatures as as Kumai or Miyabi. She stands out. Plus she’s the only Berry who I think might be able to defend herself in a self-defense situation. Being the martial artist that I am, things like that matter to me.

captain-photo-by-chinami#1. ShimiSaki- O Kyaputen, my Kyaputen!

Former Position: #6

ShimiSaki can be so cool at times that I get as giddy as a middle schooler at a HSM concert. It’s like Return of the Yoshizawa Only Shorter and As Of Yet Not Blond. So on days when I want to fangirl my brains out, I look up Captain. She just has this amazing ability to draw one into the performance and keep you there, just like Yossy was always able to do.

The reason she’s come up so far in my Wota ranking is almost entirely the BK vs. C-ute concert. She did amazing things there.

All in all? I love the Berryz. It’s been five years since they came into the J-poposphere, and while they haven’t really made Musume-levlr strides om said microcosm, for this one fangirl, that doesn’t matter.




5 Responses to RR2!

  1. Nozofan says:

    Ahh Captain Saki is THE best ! I love her so much ! I love her since the same concert as you ^^

  2. indigoburulove says:

    Wooh Captain is number one! She totally belongs there. She’s my number one as well! Lol poor Rii (why do i spell it with two i’s when theres only one?), but I understand you completely. (lmao at the pic of Momo, i swear ur hilarious.)

  3. Mieru says:


    Thank GOD someone hates Risako as much as I do. I just spent the past hour reading your ENTIRE blog and agree with every single thing you said about her. She’s a bratty bitch who has a goat-voice; she can’t dance and she screams into the microphone to make it seem like she’s confident.

    The only reason why she’s in the front all the time and gets some many fucking lines (she’s a line-whore, I swear!) is because she’s supposedly “stunning.” I don’t agree too much with that. For one, is it just me or is she getting obese? The first time I starting noticing her chubbiness is around Jiriri Kiteru, and it’s now progressed in stages. She has a mushroom nose with very interesting looking nostrils. I mean, they flare ALL THE TIME because that’s supposedly her “I’m an pedolicious girl” face. And she has side burns. When her hair is up in those ridiculous looking pig-tails (which make her look even fatter) you can see that she has them.

    I just hate her so much; I wish she’d hurry up and go solo because she obviously thinks she’s good enough for that. I wish she’d graduate Berryz so the better members (Miyabi, Saki, and Yurina… mostly Miyabi, XD) can take over. I mean, I asked myself this question today: “How happy would I be if Risako never existed?” I was simply weeping with joy. *sighs* That was an amazing moment.

    Sorry for the rant! But that’s how much I hate her.


    P.S: I FIND YOU SIMPLY HILARIOUS! Especially about the picture of Momoko smirking and at the top: “I see your panties!” That made me cry I was laughing so hard. YOU’RE AWESOME!!

  4. Usa-chan says:

    @Nozofan: She’s just adooorable and cool and all kinds of awesome!

    @indigoburulove: -takes a bow- Thank you!

    @Mieru: @_@ You make me happy! Thank you so much! You’re awesome too for reading my blog. While my dislike of Risako tends to be on a more fannish level- I love to hate her, and BK would feel empty if she wasn’t around (who would I poke fun of if she weren’t around? Jokes about Miya’s chin only go so far), I basically agree with everything else you say. Rii is an easily unlikeable person.

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