Happy Sweet 16, Maasa!

July 3, 2008

It’s that wonderful girl’s birthday today, so let’s celebrate with PICTURES!

Chibi Maasa? Adorable!

Maasa’s clothes were practically bordering on Goth in Very Beauty. Did anyone else notice? Studded (with butterflies) suspenders, black gloves, very minimal colors… just replace that silly flower with a skull and we’re talking.

Maasa’s got the most amazing lips in all of H!P. She could knock down Angelina Jolie with those lips.

This outfit set from Berryz’ concert was LOVE, and Maasa looks so amazing in hers.

Congratulations, Maasa! keep on growing into a strong young woman.


H!P my way.

March 6, 2008

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the things “wrong” with Hello! Project, and seeing Maple GreanTea’s post made me finally make the effort to organize my thoughts. It seems I’ve been replying to Maple GreanTea’s thoughts lately, huh? (Maple GreanTea, let’s be friends!)

Things Aoi♥Usagi would change about h!p:

Morning Musume:

A new graduation would not occur for at least 6 months- 1 year.

There would be auditions held for the 9th generation before ANYONE else leaves. At least three girls would be chosen (no more of this one-member generation nonsense). Personally, I want to see a Korean member, a “mood maker” member (Hi, Yaguchi #2), and… a glasses member?

The T-man would continue releasing music with a sound similar to the disco-ey sound of Resonant Blue.

Kusumi Koharu would not get any more leads until she has intensive vocal lessons. Tanaka would not get any more leads until she stops warping her voice to sound “cute” and goes back to Shabondama-era Tanaka.

Kamei would begin to subtly come to the front more and more. She would not get many leads, but will contribute solid vocals as always.

The expansion into Asia would accelerate to ludicrous speed.

The line distribution would become FAR more even.

Berryz Koubou:

Risako would begin fading to the back. Since that will never happen outside of my dreams, she goes along with Kusumi to begin intensive singing lessons.

After learning to control her voice, Risako would surprise all us non-fans by being somewhat bearable. Like in Munasawagi Scarlet.

Maasa would come to the front during the time in which Risako takes her singing lessons.

Yurina and Chinami would begin to have an interchangeable places singing within the group.

– Yurina would develop a personality beyond space cadet. She’d also begin to take up modeling.

Momoko would begin using her Buono! voice and impressing everyone.

Miyabi would release a solo single but would NOT graduate. This would be a one-time thing, similar to Takahashi’s Yume Kara Samete.

Their musical style… would still remain all over the place.

The line distribution would become FAR more even.


Their sound would immediately go back to Tokkaiko-esque. Like, right now.

Airi would remember how she used to sing (or be forced to remember). Like back in Aa!. She misses this style and starts singing that way again. Aoi♥Usagi weeps with joy.

– Okai Chisato, Yajima Maimi and the newly vocally reborn Airi would become the lead singers, with the other girls helping out liberally. No more of this “no lines for the less promoted girls” bit.

Yurina would call up her friend Erika and tells her how much fun modeling is. Erika gives it a try.

The line distribution would become FAR more even.

The rest of h!p:

Melon Kinenbi would either get some real, quality releases SOON or graduates within the year. Before they go, Oohtani would dye her hair every color known to man and be immortalized in the Hair Hall of Fame.

Ogawa would come back to be a soloist. With her new long brown hair and same kick-ass voice and personality, people would kick themselves for not promoting her talent before. They throw themselves at her feet. She laughs and goes on to conquer the charts.

Matsuura Aya would begin to get singles similar to Ki ga Tsukeba Anata; an upbeat mature sound suitable for an adult woman, but not another boring ballad.

GAM would reform and become Aya’a new hope for the future. They’d release music similar to Thanks!.

Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons would come back in a big way.

Buono!’d continue doing what they’re doing. Eventually they’d move beyond the sphere of Shugo Chara and become a solid group.

Athena and Robbywhatever would stop releasing music for their anime. After a few months, however, the same four girls would team up again for a group with a cool image (Risa really can pull off kakkoi! Honest!). In their first single, Chisato will be featured in a room full of baseballs.

New Units:
– Kumai Yurina, Kamei Eri and Umeda Erika would team up for a group that has a sound similar to 2nd Gen. Tanpopo. I really want to see this group come into being. It’s basically my dream group.

Ai, Airi, and Aika would release one single on Valentine’s Day (please?). But no more after that.

Okada Yui and her boobs would create a new egg-centric group.

-After some rumors of a solo career, Miyoshi Erika would join Yui’s Egg group. Yui jiggles with happiness.

Time to rank some Berryz!

February 14, 2008

It’s Berryz Koubou’s turn to be ranked. Berryz was the first h!p group I’d eve heard (Warrachaou yo Boyfriend being the first song), and they’ve remained my favorite group.


1st: The lovely Sudou Maasa! Maa-chan embodies just about everything I look for in an idol. She’s not stick skinny, has an interesting persona and isn’t short as anything. Adding on to that Maasa’s beauty and voice, and she is the perfect member for me. Only recently has Maasa begun to shine within Berryz, but she seems very comfortable in her slightly more focal position.

2ns: For the longest time, Yurina was my unconditional favorite in all of h!p (yes, even above Yossy). This was mostly due to three things: Her height, her voice, and her birthday. As a tall girl myself, Yurina’s height appealed to me. Finding out we had the same birthday made me like her all the more. And her position within the group was comfortable for me; not one of the three “shadow” members, but not so popular that she was overdone. She’s slipped from her reigning position quite a bit. I’m not actually sure why.

3rd: The comedian of Berryz Koubou! oh, how Chinami impresses me constantly with her cute looks and voice. Also, the way in which she sings impresses me. She really tackles her lines head-on with supreme confidence. I never get the feeling that she’s wondering whether or not she’ll be able to hit the note, whether or not she’ll sound bad. She’s just having fun.

4th: This was difficult. Momoko and Miyabi are basically interchangeable in their spots. Miyabi only came out slightly ahead because she was my very first favorite within Berryz, and I like her voice. She always seems a little bit cool to me. Like she could be Matsuura Aya’s voice with Miki’s personality.

5th: Buono! has been good to Momo. I find her more tolerable when she uses a voice that does not sound helium induced (like her wonderful duet with Risako, Watashi ga suru koto nai Hodo Zenbu Shite Kureru Kare). She’s also entertainingly odd. I love her pinkies!~

6th: I feel bad putting Captain all the way down here! She has a good voice most of the time (other times she sounds like a bullfrog, too deep) and is a fantastic dancer. And I am one of the few people who likes her eyebrows and crooked eyes. I think it gives her a sympathetic look. Also, I think that she’s a good leader for the others in Berryz. Quiet but supportive.

7th: Risako. How you make me angry, Risako. I hate watching her in concerts, her voice often makes me cringe (there are exceptions), and her looks aren’t very consistent. I also get this very smug feeling coming off of her in waves. it’s as if she’s saying, “Why yes. Of course I am the most popular member of Berryz. You are all beneath me!”. It’s been said before: She’s just a brat. Another main thing about Risako that makes me mad is that, while the other girls are trying their hardest to sing well and with musicality (which is a word!), Risako just wriggles about and literally screams her lines into the mic. It’s so… infuriating that she doesn’t even appear to be trying! Such as in this performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0XVLJFDusE

None of the girls sound great here, but Risako just sounds utterly crap (I’m sorry, fans of Risako. This is just my own opinion). Especially that last line.

Next is C-ute.

Hello: First post.

January 29, 2008

Hello J-pop blogosphere! Yay, I’ve said it. I’ve been into hello!project and Asian idol and singing groups in general for a while now, and I thought that the logical next step in my fangirling would be to make myself a blog.

As the start of my blogging, I’m going to list some of my basic J-pop opinions, thoughts or facts. It’ll be interesting for me to look at in a little while, when the next big changes occur in the J-pop world.

H!P related:

-My first h!p group was Berryz Koubou, and they can thus do no wrong in my eyes. Except Sugaya Risako. That girl can fade to the background. Maasa is my favorite member, followed by Yurina.

-C-ute may be “better” than Berryz. Be that as it may, I will still always like Berryz better. My favorite member of C-ute is Okai Chisato. I mean, that girl can sing!

-I do not think that Suzuki Airi is all that she’s made out to be.

-Yoshizawa Hitomi is my favorite member of H!p. Ever. This will never change.

-Tanaka Reina is my least favorite member of h!p, followed by Kusumi and Risako (I probably just gained a lot of enemies if anyone reads this…)

-Underdogs are the best.

-Within Morning Musume, Kamei Eri, Jun Jun and Mitsui Aika are my favorites.

Non- h!p related:

-Perfume are my favorite new group around. Nocchi is so far the one to have caught my eye.

-I want to get into Super Junior and various groups from Johnny’s but am unsure where to start. Any help would be loved!

– I’ve recently discovered AKB48, and was surprised that I liked them. Miyazawa Sae is currently my favorite member. Kashiwagi Yuki (who looks like a cute little seal to me!) is next.

-Miyavi is my favorite singer outside the J-pop world.

I look forward to blogging! Please regard me kindly.