Happy 15!

August 4, 2008

So, ever since learned that Yurina and i share a birthday, I’ve wanted to have a birthday party with her! But strangely enough, she never returned my invitations. It seems that she was plotting something behind the scenes…

One morning, Usa-chan woke up bright and early to a feeling of excitement! It was her 15th birthday, August the 3rd, 2008! She sprang out of bed, ready to devour her cake and open her presents.

However, a certain member of Berryz Koubou had different ideas…

“Ha ha ha!” the songstress laughed. “I have stolen all but one slice of your cake! Now what shall you do?”

Needless to say, Usa-chan was quite horriffied at the actions taken by her #2 member of Berryz, and quickly sent her back off to Japan, but not before giving her birthday wishes and withdrawing hostilities.

However, she’s still guarding that last slice of cake carefully…

Happy birthday, Yurina!


Happy Sweet 16, Maasa!

July 3, 2008

It’s that wonderful girl’s birthday today, so let’s celebrate with PICTURES!

Chibi Maasa? Adorable!

Maasa’s clothes were practically bordering on Goth in Very Beauty. Did anyone else notice? Studded (with butterflies) suspenders, black gloves, very minimal colors… just replace that silly flower with a skull and we’re talking.

Maasa’s got the most amazing lips in all of H!P. She could knock down Angelina Jolie with those lips.

This outfit set from Berryz’ concert was LOVE, and Maasa looks so amazing in hers.

Congratulations, Maasa! keep on growing into a strong young woman.