So, according to his Twitter, Tsunku is adding more members to S/mileage.

Let me be the first to request that he had Super Awesome Egg Miyamoto Karin.

More on this laaaaaater!


4 Responses to TSUNKU

  1. TommyVD says:

    After seeing her performance (on DVD) at the H!P winter concerts I really think Karin should be a Momusu 10thgen.

    Still, exciting times in H!P land!

    • Rebecca says:

      She’s amazing, isn’t she? I personally would prefer to see her in MM because I like the group more… but as I type that, I think that she’d get more time in the spotlight in S/mileage. But then, S/mileage’s squeaky up-beat style might not suit her voice as well… Hmmm.

  2. Mozenator says:

    I know you don’t “do” FaceBook, but a bunch of us H!P fans old and newly made from Seattle have our own page over there and this is blowing up right now as you might expect.

    The first was Holly, whom you met at Sskura Con. Her status now reads: ♥ HEY! ♥ @tsunkuboy HERE’S THE GAME PLAN! (1) ADD MIYAMOTO KARIN. (2) END COMPETITION. (3) WIN WITH EXCELLENT UNIT. (4) GO OUT FOR BEERS.

    I will say, I would prefer her in Momusu…like, right NOW!

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha, way to make me sound like a giant hipster! 😛 I’ll just sit over here in my facebook-free zone, sip black coffee and write pretentious poetry.

      Haha, yessss! I follow her on Twitter, and I laughed out loud when I saw that.

      Except… I don’t think Tsunku can be trusted to be drunk. Not a good idea. Can you imagine?

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