Maybe one day, I’ll learn how to use this internet doohickey

This post contains technology

I may not have made this clear on this blog before, so let me do so now: I have the same grasp on technology as a 95 year old man. I mean it. I work at an elderly home, and when the residents ask me for computer help… I’m nearly useless.

Thanks to the bastards beautiful people on #wotachat, this blog now has an affiliated Twitter account. Twitter was one of those bits of technology that I just couldn’t ever understand and really didn’t care to. However this blog now has… one of those. So you can follow me or like me or add me or whatever it is that you do with Twitters. I promise to tweet (twit twote twig?) on a frequent basis, and will let you know secrets about my personal life that you could NEVER learn from reading this blog.

I’m sure there’s some way to make the link to my Twitter account appear permantly somewhere on the left hand side of this blog…

… but heck if I know how to do it.

Go here to look at my Twitter and hear me babble in 140 characters or less.


3 Responses to Maybe one day, I’ll learn how to use this internet doohickey

  1. isilwentari says:

    *dies laughing* RISAKO FAIL!!! I still have no idea how twitter works so you are way ahead of me.

  2. Risako, what the fuck? Yaay, now to follow you Aoi =)

  3. Mozenator says:

    hey you! It’s Josh! Likin’ the blog…hope you’re well. Got a crew going out to Sakura Matsuri in Bklyn today, wish you could come along!

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