Alright, people

It’s always amusing to look and see which search terms are leading people to my blog. More often than not, the terms have no clear pattern. On the same day, a person can reach this little snippet of the internet by searching “Natsuyaki Miyabi’s twin brother” or by searching “AKB and coffee”

There is, however, one search term that always comes up again and again. It’s not particularly offensive, but the sheer number of people finding my blog by searching this term is enough to make me pause and give it my attention.

The term is “Youth and Beauty.” I’ve used it only once- in reference to Kusumi Koharu. Since making that post, the smallest number of times people have been referred to my blog via that term is 14 times in one day:

What exactly are you trying to find, Youth and Beauty people? This is not a make-up nor a fashion blog. I am not going to teach you how to make a Gaga-bow out of your hair, nor will I provide you with information on the beauty tricks used by Japan’s trendy Gyaru or Korea’s pretty (and slightly scary) ulzzangs. This is a music blog. There will be youthful and beautiful people featured here, and you will have to be content with that.

While I’m on the WTF-train, what in the world is up with someone finding my blog after searching “Man sitting on a chair looking at the moon?” Have I ever used those words in conjunction before? Ditto for “crazy old black man.” Unless it had something to do with Melon Kinenbi, I rarely mention crazy old black men on this blog. In fact, I don’t think I ever have.

Lastly, just so we’re very, very clear: No, I will not direct anyone to porn through this blog. People searching for stimulation and titillation will have to look elsewhere. (That means you, “maeda atsuko look alike porn stream” person.)


4 Responses to Alright, people

  1. isilwentari says:

    I did one post involving the word ‘jail bait’ and now that is always ALWAYS my top search term. Worse than that are the variations of it, like ‘jailbait ass’ and such. It’s just…wrong on so many levels. I should just delete that post…it’s not even a very good post anyway.
    Some of your search terms are just incoherent. I mean, I’m a relatively new reader of your blog, but I don’t recall anything like, ‘man looking at moon’.

    Internet people are odd.

    • isilwentari says:

      BTW: Today the weirdest one for my site is ‘she needs to pee’. Just…what??!?

    • Rebecca says:

      Haha, the thing is, if people would ask me personally, I could probabl direct them to all of the odd things they’re searching for when they end up at my blog. There are Maeda Atsuko AV star lookalikes, and I’m sure that somewhere, a man is sitting in a chair, looking at the moon. But I’m not going to put that kind of thing on my blog. I like to keep my blog’s rating around PG13/R.

      XD Internet people are odd, indeed.

  2. magatsu17 says:

    “Crazy old black man”?? I found that one to be particularly hilarious

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