This is why being a fan is so fun

Waking up at 4:30 am to hear the news about the Ninth Gen. So. Much. Fun. Being a fan of H!P is one of the more formative things in my life, and it’s the intense moments like this that keep me hooked.

As a whole, I’m highly anticipating this generation. each girl brings a huge wallop of personality to a Morning Musume that many complain is too stale and complacent. I have the feeling that these girls will make the most of even the slightest chances tossed their way, snatching every moment of the spotlight that they can. That should make for an entertaining (and thus profitable) Morning Musume!

Suzuki Kanon

My feelings for Kanon mirror those that I have for Sekine Azusa and Lin. My initial confusion and disgust with this girl has transformed into a burning curiosity. I simply must watch her. I’m desperate to see how she grows and changes. Her goofy acting bit is already on its way to becoming legendary amongst the fans (a movement has sprung up to nicknamed her “Moshimoshi” or just “Moshi,” after her cell-phone skit. I like it). Kanon is, without a doubt, my initial favorite among the 9th generation.

Sayashi Riho

To not put Riho in MM would’ve been idiotic. Takahashi will have to graduate at some point, and there needs to be someone with enough swagger to fill some of her roles. Riho has that swagger. My Gaki, does she. I really want Riho to become the new Bitch of Morning Musume- a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners bitch, just like Miki back in the day. It would be so interesting and fun to see some real conflict happening again.

Ikuta Eri(na)

I’m both surprised and not surprised about this one. I knew that Aina wouldn’t get in, simply because nothing stood out about her. Kanon and Riho were, in my mind, shoo-ins. But then came Mogi and Ikuta. I knew that if anyone else were to get in, it would be one of those two. But which one? Ikuta made much less of an impact than poor Mogi did, but Mogi’s impact seemed to have been mostly negative. In the end, I’ll have to wait and see about Ikuta. I want to see her performing all of the old classics as her personality begins to shine through!

Fukumura Mizuki.

Aaaah, an Egg! Finally, finally, things are happening with the Eggs. her addition to the group balances out the 3 auditionees nicely. She’s more experienced and comfortable onstage. She’s clearly an emotional girl who loves being an Idol. She cried twice during her introduction concert, and she turned on the waterworks again for this occasion. I can’t blame her. Being an Egg must seem occasionally hopeless. I’m fairly sure that Mori Saki or Aoki Erina (oh gaki, another one!) won’t be debuting any time soon, and I’m sure the other girls know that their chances are slim. To see some movement amongst the Eggs (with Mizuki and now Yuu) must be so uplifting. As a fan, it’s certainly promising.

I will make a separate post about Kikkawa soon… because OMGYAYKIKKA!


8 Responses to This is why being a fan is so fun

  1. magatsu17 says:

    I’m so mad i had to miss the new cause my internet was down pretty much all night and didn’t start working again til about 8 30. But i’m so happy with the results of the number of members chosen.

    • Rebecca says:

      Aww, poor man. You missed a lot of panicking as Murr tried to puzzle out what the wota on 2ch were saying. There were about five minutes where we all thought that Mogi was going to be added to C-ute. XD

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  3. isilwentari says:

    Poor Mogi! She is sooo young… I am pretty thrilled with the results even so. Can’t wait for your longer post! Thank you so much for the youtube links to the audition stuff btw; I hadn’t seen it yet! ^_^

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks! I was planning on expanding tonight, but the college applications happened to me. Hopefully the real post will be up tomorrow!

      Watch them! the girls really are charming. Or baffling, in Kanon’s case.

  4. Pretty badass lineup we have in Momusu, isn’t it? I so glad Riho got in. Nonetheless, I feel bad about Mogi. I would like a Crying Musume, for a change xD.

  5. Rad says:

    Yes, Kanon is definitely the best, but it’s wonderful to have four new talents!

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