A bit of follow-up…

So to recap: Most of the WotaWorld is in tears, my fandom has been shaken to the core, Tsunku needs his testicles mangled by a cat…

And now we move on to the next biggest concern: What’s next?

I have a silly little theory that will probably not pan out. From the translations of Tsuntsun’s comments on the 9th gen audition website, it seems as though they’re only looking for one girl to add to the group.

Only adding one girl at this point would be ridiculous. 6 members? For Morning Musume? No way! This is the group that had to split in half in its hey-day, because there were just too many freakin’ members!

So, either all of the translations are wrong (quite possible, it’s tough to translate that quickly) or something else is in the works.

My guess is that Tsunku might be thinking of adding some Eggs to Morning Musume this time around. He must know that certain fans have always pined over Kikkawa Yuu’s lost MM opportunity, and the addition of Linlin opened the way for other Eggs to find their way into the Flagship of H!P.

So let’s look at a couple of likely Eggs, shall we?

Kikkawa Yuu

Everyone’s favorite MM-reject aside from Kashiwagi Yuki, and probably the most popular Egg. This girl has beauty, brains (no, I have no proof for that one, she just seems smart), talent, personality, and a fanbase. In short, she’s perfect. If Tsunku were putting Eggs into MM, there would only be one major obstacle in her way: Tsunku hates being wrong.  He seems like the type who would look at Yuu and say, “Well, I mean, yeah, she’d be a great addition to the group, but no is no, and I already said no to her once. So there. Nyah!”

I personally would love to see Yuu in Momusu.  She reminds me a bit of Iida Kaori’s more natural side. She’s so elegant and sweet.  She’d be a great counterpoint to Aika’s scrappyness and Reina’s annoyingness.

Kitahara Sayaka

Arguably the other most popular Egg due to her time in Milky Way*, Sayaka ought to be put into MM if only for the sake of her killer abs. She also happens to have a unique, cool personality. Now, I know Tsunku hates girls who show personality right off the bat, tending to go for little lumps of malleable clay, but I have always loved cool personalities (blame Yossy). I want a cool girl in MM!

Sekine Azusa

My personal favorite Egg, Forehead-girl! Think of the brow-themed merchandising possibilities! Think of the hats she could sell! Instead of mufflers in the winter, balaclavas! Instead of wristbands, headbands! Tsuntsun would be a fool to pass her up!

Okay. Joking aside, this girl reminds me of Linlin, so I want her in MM so badly that I can taste it. She’s so energetic and such a talented performer. She loses herself in the moment, just like Lin, and I just want to watch her grow and grow as a performer! Sekitty is an Egg that I don’t want to lose to obscurity.

Don’t pass this up, Tsunku! (Psst, if he feels like adding more than one Egg… look how great these two are together!)

Sengoku Minami

A lot of people say that Minami is freaking hot. I don’t think so. To me she seems completely average in terms of looks and talent. It’s because of that, however, that I think she might become a part of the 9th generation.

I can’t say it enough: Tsunku loves average girls. He loves that idea that they can grow and blossom from being average to being something great. What he doesn’t realize is that sometimes average girls are really just average. No growth potential. Maybe this applies to Minami, maybe it doesn’t. I’m not saying that Minami has no potential, I’m just saying that I don’t see it as much as a lot of other people do. So yeah, if Tsunku picks any Egg for MM, it might just be her, and if it is, I’ll be sad.

Hirano Tomomi

This would just be hilarious, and entirely like Tsunku. I have no idea why Tomomi is an Egg- I always feel like the point behind the Eggs is to find children so young that they have no choice but to be malleable and easy to shape into Super Idols. I’ve never heard Tomomi sing or seen her perform. In fact, the only video I can find of her is her introduction as an Egg, during which everyone in the audience freaked out when she announced how old she is. She is the least likely to become a part of MM’s 9th gen, but then, Tsunku likes surprising us.

Well, these are my main bets. Of course, there is one more person who might just end up in Morning Musume… Well, not really a person at all. More of a vicious killer and devourer of Idols. In fact, now that it’s come down to it, I can’t believe I didn’t realize it before: This freakish three-part graduation is all part of her plan. Her plan to infiltrate and devour Morning Musume!

That’s right…


But Rebecca (you say)! She is an established soloist with a long career of boring and uninteresting singing under her belt!  She has released seven singles and an album! She is talented desu desu desu!

Well, reader, those arguments would be valid if not for the existence of a certain 6th generation member, that reluctant ex-soloist who had five singles and an album to her name (and legions of obsessive wota) when she was tossed into Morning Musume… that wonderful girl with the deep voice and raspy vibrato, Fujimoto Miki!

If Tsunku really wanted to drive home all of the hurt I feel after this awful graduation decision, he will put ManoEri into Morning Musume as a sort of homicidal Miki part 2. Fujimoto set a dangerous precedent. I’m sure she didn’t know that her addition to the group would pave the path for allowing in this Idol-eater, but it has, and we must now all brace ourselves for what is to come…

Ah well. That’s H!P.

* Am I the only one who thought that Anataboshi was a complete trainwreck? The entire blogsphere seemed to love it, but to me the song seemed rushed, with a bad backing track, and a messy, distracting PV.

6 Responses to A bit of follow-up…

  1. Mica says:

    I think people did say that the translation was off. *phew*

    He needs to add more than one member.

    The only one on that list that I don’t know is Sengoku Minami, but if you say she is “average” then I can see why. There are so many, that they need to stand out to be noticed.

    And on Mano, please Mano, stay with your solo career where your voice improves a little with each release and you add an impossible amount of egg backdancers.
    In other words “NOT IN MOMUSU, PLEASE TSUNKU!!!

    But thanks for this, having something that makes me laugh at this time is very helpful.

  2. Usa-chan says:

    Aaaah, that’s good. I was just thinking that if he really did add only one member, then MM would have fewer members than Berryz Koubou, and I don’t think I could handle that!

    She was in Ongaku Gatas (I think she still is? I’m not ever sure what’s going on with that group).

    Haha, yep! If Mano were to end up in Momusu, I wouldn’t be able to watch their PVs anymore!

    I’m glad I cheered you up! It’s a pretty miserable time to be a fan.

  3. Cat says:

    Sengoku Minami looks a lot like one of my favorite ex-AKB members, Oshima Mai.

    And OMG Kikkawa is so much love… but I’m sure Tsunku just won’t add her for the same reason you stated… he likes trolling himself, the bastard xD

    My only hope for the 9th gen auditions is that they add more than one girl, and that they give lines to the girls that end up being selected. I’m sick of Takahashi and Tanaka ft. backdancers, I want a new frontgirl.

  4. Usa-chan says:

    Hmmm… I can see that! (and I actually knew who Oshima Mai was… mostly because of your blog. XD)

    I know. I honestly wonder about his maturity level. He acts like a 13 year old boy sometimes.

    I agree. Even if she doesn’t become a frontgirl, they need to give the new member(s) a push. They seem to expect that a girl will become a fan-favorite even if they don’t promote her. Then when she doesn’t become a fan-favorite, they promote her even less, and she becomes even less well known… it’s a vicious cycle.

  5. Serenyty says:

    Sekkii ❤ One thing that amazes me is that in that clip Sekkii was twelve. And she was already an amazing performer and she's just gotten better.

    I REALLY want her to get into MM, because like you said she could for sure fill in LinLin's role. She's an energetic, fun performer with an amazing voice.

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