This is just to say…

I am alive. I’m sorry for my severe lack of decent posting. Due to a fairly personal reason (I have mentioned it in this blog before, I know it), I just haven’t been able to pull up the energy to sit down and write a post that I feel good about.

That said, I have about a thousand drafts, including one for my (now passed) 1-year anniversary on this blog! I hope to finish that one before I have to call it my 1.5 year anniversary. But aside from that, I don’t know how often or to what extent I’ll be blogging in the upcoming weeks. My hope is that by writing this post, I’ll do that reverse-psychology bit to myself that works so well on those of us with small intellects, and antagonize myself into getting motivated!

So the short version of this already short post? I’m out for a little while, but I love H!P too much to be gone for good. You’re not rid of me yet!

As a reward for reading all of that, here’s some adorable Lin:



2 Responses to This is just to say…

  1. isilwentari says:

    Linlin rocks…Glad to know you’re alive.;p Hope to read ya soon!

  2. Usa-chan says:

    Thank you~

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