So, so I was reading a thread at JPH!P, a Fujimoto Miki thread, when there was a mention of a “mass graduation.”



So I went over to Hello! Online.


Even Yossy? I’m so confused right now! Just the other day I was wondering to myself how I’d react if Yossy would graduate. I didn’t think I’d be this numb. What’s going to happen to Hangry and Angry? I feel sick…

It says that they’ll still continue their duties after they graduate, just not within H!P, so… maybe there’s no need for me to react this way. But I still feel like this could be really bad.

Being practical, I know that this is a good step for these young women. H!P is offering them nothing right now, and hasn’t for quite a while. H!P has always been about the new, younger girls. These ladies are truly talented, from Yuko down to Yui, and H!P isn’t utilizing that at all. Every single one of them deserves more than what H!P can give them. And on the other hand, without all of those “unused” acts, H!P will be now be able to put all of its attention (and money) on the Big Three, but…

That said… I just… can’t really understand what’s going on right now. So… pictures. Of everyone. I  can’t do it all in one post, so I’ll break it down into a few posts over a few days.

Nakazawa Yuko has always been a symbol of strength, to me. She was this sort of soothing idea, an older woman looking after the rest of H!P. H!P’s mother, if you will. Now that she’s gone, is Takitty going to become the leader of H!P? Because that’s just full of fail.

Iida I’m not too upset about. She was already basically gone, right? At least she has her husband and child with her, whereas some of these girls will have… what? But still, I like Iida, and I always had this tiny hope that she’d come back.

This isn’t right. Nacchi is H!P. What about her new single?! She’s NATSUMI FREAKING ABE, for Gaki’s sake! Something’s just not right about this.

Without Kei, who will… uh… terrify people by winking?! I love Kei. I love that she can sing and play all sorts of instruments. Listen to her performance of “The Rose,” and all of those times she played the saxophone at a recent Nacchi concert, and you’ll understand.

What. The. Fuck. Mari is the perfect Idol. I named my blog after one of her Uta Doki performances, damnit! She can zoom from super sexy photobook goddess to adorable leader of Mini Moni in no time flat. I adore her (I haven’t talked about her a lot yet, but that’s because I always assumed that there’d be time…) That said, Mari seems to be one of the girls who is all set to get out. She’s got a couple of her own TV shows and is often in the public eye. I assume that she, along with most of the other girls, will still stay close to UFA, just not in H!P.

I don’t really like Rika, but she is essential to IshiYoshi, right? And she’s popular, isn’t she? What about Ongaku Gatas?! Don’t they have a concert lined up soon?

That’s the end of the first post, because I started crying when I realized that I’m going to have to try to organize my thoughts about Yossy next.  I just re-visited H!O, and it seems that they’ll be within H!P until the end of March? That’s still a little while, so… let’s cherish them while we still can!

8 Responses to Whatwhatwhatwhat?!?!

  1. Nozofan says:

    I’m so disappointing. I hope Hangry & Angry will continue. They were not a H!p group I think. This is sad… I hope they will continue to be under UFA. And do something. I want Tsuji back ! I want everybody to do something together !!!

  2. okesuna says:

    Ok, I am really sorry that i posted the wrong comment on the wrong post. I’m crazy and can’t see right. Anyway, I’ll post it here, please delete the other one! ><

    Wowww. I have not gotten around to making my own post about this, because I want to wait a bit…maybe for more information or something. But a bunch of people have already written about it, and you said something I was thinking myself:
    Is Takahashi going to be the leader of H!P?

    Well, I think it’s unlikely, you know? Nakazawa is leader of H!P, probably partly because she is the oldest, but she was also one of girls who had to sell 10,000 crappy singles to even become Morning Musume and gain Tsunku’s support. So in a big way, that is why she is the leader. She basically initiated or started Morning Musume/H!P, didn’t she?
    If Ai does, for whatever reason, become H!P’s new leader, I don’t think it would matter much, but just the idea of it, and the comparison between HER and someone like NAKAZAWA would make it seem like she is a horrible choice for a leader.

    And while at first I felt like crying, the sensible part of this whole thing came to me pretty much right away.
    These people weren’t even doing anything. They were really crucial parts of the organization only because so many of us have such strong memories of them. Realistically, they aren’t doing much for H!P or themselves, whoever’s fault that is.
    And I think with all of these people gone, we are left with so many possibilities.
    H!P will be like an empty field. There will be nothing but eggs that have yet to debut,
    retarded anime groups, ManoErina, and the 3 big names.
    I’m sure Tsunku will be looking to create new groups, add new faces, and just expirement a whole lot more than he has.
    I am really sad about people like Ishikawa and Yossie leaving, but really, who wouldn’t mind not seeing Satoda’s creepy face anymore?


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  4. Rad says:

    It’s a shame to dump all this talent out onto the street.

  5. olivia says:

    wwhhaaa? I knew nothing of this until I read this post. H!P is DOOMED.

  6. Molly says:

    First Leah Dizon is pregnant and had a shotgun wedding, now this ??

  7. paul.thomas says:

    It seems really extreme to have so many of the girls graduate at once, but on the plus side of things, I guess it’s gonna make for an awesome concert!
    With Hangry and Angry it looks like they’re on an Indie label owned by Up Front Works, so although not part of H!P it looks like they could be working within the same agency, I hope so as I’d really love to see more of them in this unit.

  8. Usa-chan says:

    @nozofan: Yeah! It’d be cool if theyall got together to release a single, like All for One and One for All!

    @Okesuna: I guess you’re right, but I still feel like H!P is losing an important mother figure in Yuuko, and knowing UFA, they’ll try and fill that void with the next oldest member, Takitty.

    And I kinda like Satoda… XD

    @Rad: I agree 100%.

    @Olivia: Now, I wouldn’t say doomed, exactly… in trouble, sure, but doomed?

    @Molly” I’m not sure which is less surprising!

    @Paul.Thomas: That’s one H!P concert I really wish I were going to. It’d be so charged emotionally! And I’m glad about Hangy and Angry, because they’re my new favorite group.

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