How do I Lin thee? Let me count the ways…

I’m pretty sure that SOMEWHERE, floating around in this crazed rant-box that I call a blog, is a quote basically stating that if Linlin were to start using her real, powerful voice, I’d start to like her. The best example of using said amazing voice to be found is in her training tapes, such as this itty bitty clip (oh, how she hits those high notes at the end!) :

What is Rebecca talking about now, you wonder to yourself. You’re probably wondering whether it’ll be entertaining or contain LinlinBabyEater jokes. Well, read on and find out!

Now, let’s talk about Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou. That’s a really, really long title for a song that basically boils down to this: “THAT GORGEOUS SONG IN WHICH LIN2 AND JUN2 GET TO SING IN CHINESE.” I’ve loved this song since it was first described in a few blogs, and my love only increased when the first shaky concert recordings appeared. Then, wonder of wonders, a certain New Star did us all a favor and leaked the song all over the internet. I was so touched on hearing Junjun’s line because she’s, well, Junjun and I adore her, and Lin… Lin left me speechless. The best part for me was that H!P was finally doing some real harmonies again, but that’s a rant for another post.

Fast forward to 11:30 last night, when I was having a very CRAP night. While hoping that a friend would send me an e-mail, I decided to check one last time for anything new that was H!P related. Lucky for me, there was. Dohhh UP! had uploaded a beautiful Wonderful Hearts version of Ame no. Not sure what to expect, I began watching (I’ve provided a link at the bottom of this post).

And you know what? Linlin made me love her. She was just… amazing to the extent that I can’t quite believe her. Through this performance, Lin2’s accomplished quite a feat: She’s gotten me interested in Momusu again, just like I was when I first started to learn their names. I want to learn more, to know if she’ll continue using this kind of voice, to stay tuned and find out if she’ll be able to accomplish any other MMM (Morning Musume Miracles) for me.

(Seriously. Quite dorky.)

She’s great for a fan like me; She’s a little awkward and really, quite dorky at times. She’s an underdog, and a lot of people can’t stand her. And yet, she’s a true performer who can absolutely light up a stage with her craziness and voice. When the last note of her solo line in  Ame no died away and she broke into this absolutely beautiful smile, it was like I finally began to take her seriously.

Even watching her in the training clip above, I find myself giggling at her antics. She seems so surpemely confidant in herself, doing the vocal coach’s hand motions and whatnot with gusto, laughing out loud and just generally enjoying the heck out of herself. She makes me want to know more about her, which is something that MM desperately needs among its stagnant ranks right now.

So, uh… thanks, Linlin. You saved my night from being completely horrid.

And, because this is my blog and I say what goes:


(( ))


15 Responses to How do I Lin thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. Chiakii says:

    YEEEEAAAH LINLIN LOVE. I love this post in so many ways, it’s sort of insane. Because just — yes to everything here. :3

  2. Nozofan says:

    Yeah ! I love Linlin too ❤ She’s just amazing ! Great voice and she’s really funny ❤
    Her line in Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou is amazing. I had tears in my eye just to listen it ! That’s… wow. Can’t describe it.

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  4. MisA says:

    She still eats babies ftr.
    Just less.

  5. SUP WENDY says:

    Too bad she eats babies. [As co-founder of the Linlin baby joke, I had to say it.]

    Yeah, I really started liking Linlin lately. She stopped using that horrifying voice she used to, and she doesn’t look as creepy anymore. She’s really fitting into Morning Musume now and I hope she gets featured more after that chinese solo.

  6. Usa-chan says:

    @Chiakii; XD, thank you! I guess one can’t express too much LinLove?

    @Nozofan: I know what you mean. She will be something great in MM’s future!

    @MisA: Baby eaters need love too, you know! D< XD

    @SUP WENDY: I would be disappointed if you hadn’t said it! I really expect a lot from Lin after seeing this, so I agree that she should start getting featured more often.

  7. Chiakii says:

    XD! You can never have too much LinLove! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, in the form awesome solo lines and neverending infant cuisine jokes.

  8. Usa-chan says:

    @Chiakii: How exactly did that joke start? I’ve been wondering that… And, by the way, I love your blog. JUST SAYING.

  9. Chiakii says:

    I believe it came by way of Misa and Wendy, so you’ll have to ask them.

    And I love your blog too! 😀 *spreads blog love*

  10. renaye says:

    i also want to know more bout linlin! she looks so mysterious!

  11. Rad says:

    LinLin really showed me something with her solo during the Summer 2008 H!P concert (posted on DohhhUp!), and I’ve loved her since she appeared as an Egg in the 2007 Winter and the 2007 Wonderful Hearts. Great post for a great kid!

  12. MisA says:

    oh ah
    the joke started from a conversation me and wendy had
    wendy blogged it in like march ..its more in the lines of
    “She wants your babies but not in the cute I love you way, she wants them to eat them”
    and then we got a photoshopped picture and had the time of our lives.

  13. Usa-chan says:

    @Chiakii: Okay… I’m usually out of the loop on those kinds of things, so I didn’t know if, like, EVERYONE already knew how it came about (stuff like that is always happening to me at school).

    @renaye: She reminds me a little bit of Japanese drawings of Inari (foxes/fox spirits).

    @Rad: Thanks! Although that one line, “LinLin really showed me something” could certainly be misconstrued… XD

    @MisA: I think I remember reading about that, now? Maybe? Ack, I’m so out of it! Thanks for telling me!

  14. Karine says:

    Cute Linlin!!!
    I love this girl!

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