So! Thanks to Mars (The blogger of Stardust. Wait a minute. Wow. That sounds like the name of a nerdy emo band. The Bloggers of Stardust. Black ink runs from their slashed wrists as they type out their angst into a coded swirling dark torrent of despair. Yeah, that sounds about right!), I have learned of the formation of possibly the greatest new unit in H!P. Why, you ask, does Usa-chan love this unit so much? She’ll tell you, and in the third person to boot!

1. Usa-chan’s favorite-ish Eggy-poo is currently Saho Akari, who also happens to be portraying the uber cool Amulet Spade character transformation.

2. Usa-chan loves Fukuda Kanon

3. Usa-chan just so happens to adore the character designs for Amu’s character transformations in Shugo Chara.

3.14159. Usa-chan doesn’t usually talk in the third person like this…

3.5. She finds it mildly thrilling.

4. She’ll stop now.

I can’t tell you how happy this new unit has made me.

It’s very interesting that Maeda Yuuka was chosen to be the Amulet Heart transformation, Amu’s main character transformation in the anime/manga. Could that denote an advanced position within the group? I don’t know if I’d like that, as any over-saturated girl in H!P generally annoys me (hey thar Reina). But the fact that my two darlings within the group are portraying my two favorite Character Transformations (Saho Akari as the ever cool MIki, and Fukuda Kanon as the lovely Su) makes me squee like the fangirl that I… well, am. As long as they both get even one tiny little line, the entire rest of the song can be all Maeda, and I’ll be okay. I’m not so stoked about Wada Ayaka, because she’s always reminded me of a brownie. Both the food (which is a dry little chocolate-ish square that grandmothers force into you), and the creatures (which are helpful little sprites that, inexplicably, refuse gifts, especially clothing. Maybe they’re Jehovah’s Witness.)

This good news came at the perfect time for me. Rather than go into detail, I’ll simply say that my life is not going greatly at the moment (a teenager’s position is powerless, or so I’ve been told). Despite all this personal suckishness, just the smallest, most pixelated image of a bunch of cute underage girls dressed up in what looks like cheap cosplay brings all sorts of good feelings back (no, not those kinds of feelings, you perverts). For a half hour, I can sit here and be distracted from any personal crap as I plan out how best to jump a plane to Japan, hide in some bushes, kidnap Saho-chan, put her in my pocket, and bring her back to America with me.

Basically? Idols are the only thing that never fail to make me happy. People come and go, but there will ALWAYS be another poorly produced, talentless pop group out there for me to adore. I give the T-man a lot of grief, but really, I’m very grateful to him.

Thanks, Tsunku. I appreciate it.*

*But you’re seriously still creepy.


9 Responses to ♠♦♥♣

  1. indigoburulove says:

    Ah, yes we teenagers are extremely powerless (don’t worry we’ll totally rule the world soon). I feel the same way, whenever I’m upset all I have to do is look at pics of cute girls, or listen to some songs and I feel a whole lot better. This new unit seems interesting. I might check them out, even tho I dont watch Shugo Chara. Hope you feel better ^_^

    (oooh btw, can I add you to my blogroll? pretty please with sugar on top, and oreos, and more sugar?)

  2. Usa-chan says:

    @indigoburulove: But, I wanna rule the world NOW!~ At least indirectly. I mean, sheesh, politicians make me so angry! Not that that has anything to do with, well, anything. It just came up. Oh look, a playbill for Wicked (Sorry, I just got back from Improv club and am running on like, three hours of sleep. Sleep, ah, sleep. I remember sleep. Maybe I should try that again some time?) And, ohmigodYES add me to your blogroll! Could I have some sushi instead of sugar? Can I put you on my blogroll? Have you ever noticed that question marks look like canes? Are they handicapped? Do they get special parking spaces?!

  3. indigoburulove says:

    LMAO! so random. But you know, I’ve never noticed that. Question marks do look like canes. Oooh, no sugar? Ok, you can totally have some sushi then. *hands sushi*
    Of course you can add me to your blogroll. Thanks for letting me add you.
    http://rainbowpinku.wordpress.com/ thats my site. (hmm could you have still gotten it if i hadn’t posted it? WordPress cofuses the heck out of me sometimes.) *sigh* You know, I got into Hello!Project around July, and it’s already had a major effect on my bank account. I’m 17, with no job, how the heck am i getting this money? More importantly, how is it that cute girls make me spend so much money? *sigh* I’m so weak. ;_;

  4. Usa-chan says:

    @indigoburulove: Ah ha ha, yeah… when I’m tired, I tend towards randomoscosity. Sushi is delicious! i loooove it!
    I shall now go forth and conquer! Er, read your blog! Yes! July, really? That’s amazing to me (I got into H!P a little over 2 years ago, when Berryz WarraccahaoweruPOAEUWRh yo Boyfriend came out). I’m 15, with a job at a nursing home, and cute girls are still putting holes in my pocket! I can’t help! I really suddenly want to order Shige’s new photobook. She’s so pretty!

  5. indigoburulove says:

    Dude, you’re so lucky to have a job. I’ve been trying so hard to get one, but they all just tell me “You have to be 18 and older” Whatever happened to wanting to hire young and fresh faces?
    I kinda want to get Sayu-chan’s PB too, but I’m really broke. I just spent my money on the Pepper Keibu single and a mini album by another group. I also got bought The Manpower!! single off ebay. So right now my bank account is like drained.
    OOOH, I have a question. What’s your favorite Berryz Koubou single? Mine has to be Munasawagi Scarlet. That video is just awesome for some reason. That dance is just so….interesting. ^_^

  6. Usa-chan says:

    @indigoburulove (I don’t know why I keep adding the “@,” since you’re the only one commenting, but whatever!~): 18 and over, really? Most places around here hire at 16. Since I generally look about 3 years older then I am, and I was looking for a job back when I was 14, a lot of interviews went like this:

    Me: Hello! I was wondering how old one has to be to apply for a job here?

    Person of Importance: 16, so you should be fine. Want me to get you the forms?

    Me: Er… yeah… in two years, maybe.

  7. Usa-chan says:

    Oops! My favorite Berryz single… that’s hard! i LOVE LOVE LOVE Munsawagi, too, I even liked Risako in it (kinda). But Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba is pretty great, too. Except Risako’s lines make me want to cry; she screams them all.

  8. indigoburulove says:

    Yeah, I love that song too, but the Risako screaming really needs to just stop. I’ll listen to the song and then once she sings i have to lower the volume. *sigh* I really want to like her but I always get pissed off because I think she doesnt try hard enough. She looks like she has so much potential but her performances are just boring to me. I hope she realizes how much of a crappy job she’s doing and gets her act together.

  9. jiff says:

    This is a good blog, but I am really interested only in Hikki, yui and AKB48 but I will keep returning from time to time and give those other bands a try

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