The morning after…

Just a bit of follow-up from my last post.

Yes, my pageviews did increase quite a bit. What does that prove?

That men (and some women) like boobs.

So basically, I proved something we all already knew.

My god, I feel like that guy who made “Supersize Me.” Remember him? He’s the guy who said, one day, “Yes, I think I’m going to prove that fast food is bad for you by eating a lot of it. Here goes!”

Well, that’s fine by me. Have some Turtle-flavored fanservice for reading this. :3


6 Responses to The morning after…

  1. Indigoburulove says:

    Lol, yes men and some women do like boobs. Gawd, those pictures *runs for tissue and holds up to nose.* I love you, you know that? You just totally made my day. ^_^

  2. Daniel says:

    Sheesh she is so beautiful! I love the look on her face in the 3rd one. Gorgeous!

  3. renaye says:

    wow. kamei eri looks really different in these pictures. can’t recognize her at all. i like the second picture.

  4. Usa-chan says:

    @Indigoburulove: Aww, thank you! -hugs-

    @Daniel: Isn’t she? I think she’s the prettiest member of MM right now. She’s just so classy looking.

    @renaye: Is that good, that you can’t recognize her? Either way, isn’t she gorgeous/ I like the second one too, as, well, she’s actually clothed.

  5. jiff says:

    You are indeed a better blogger as the days pass

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