Momoko is batting for that team?

I knew there was something between her and Yurina. That hot dog is just there to fake you out. Momoko is really a plaid flannel wearing, tool belt toting, Kanna-loving lesbian. :3 For those of you not as quick on the uptake, I point out the words on her shirt.

3 Responses to Momoko is batting for that team?

  1. noa says:

    This made me laugh. I’m guessing you heard that rumor that Kanna’s a lesbian. I’m still wondering where that came from. I seriously want that shirt now!! 🙂

  2. Usa-chan says:

    @noa: There was a radio clip floating around of her saying that there was a girl that she liked. Not loved, but liked (although the rest of C-ute did go “Eeeeeeh?!”). A lot of people made that into a big deal, and of course, I’m not one to turn down a chance to poke fun at an idol.

    Isn’t it a cute shirt?

  3. Olivia says:

    I knew that flirting with Yurina was anything but innocent :] No mere friendly words could result in such a helium engorged singing voice.

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