Happy Sweet 16, Maasa!

It’s that wonderful girl’s birthday today, so let’s celebrate with PICTURES!

Chibi Maasa? Adorable!

Maasa’s clothes were practically bordering on Goth in Very Beauty. Did anyone else notice? Studded (with butterflies) suspenders, black gloves, very minimal colors… just replace that silly flower with a skull and we’re talking.

Maasa’s got the most amazing lips in all of H!P. She could knock down Angelina Jolie with those lips.

This outfit set from Berryz’ concert was LOVE, and Maasa looks so amazing in hers.

Congratulations, Maasa! keep on growing into a strong young woman.


4 Responses to Happy Sweet 16, Maasa!

  1. Nozofan says:

    Happy Birthday Maasa !! We got the same age =P

  2. noa says:

    Happy birthday Maa-chan! Doesn’t Miya turn sixteen soon? Or did she just turn fifteen . . .

  3. Usa-chan says:

    @Nozofan: Ah, really? That’s lucky!

    @noa: I’ll go check! It says on Wiki.theppn that she’ll be 16 on the 25th of August!

  4. Rad says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Maasa in some kind of solo work. She deserves it.


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