~Bikkuri Survey~

Because I’m not at my computer, instead of talking about just how much I LOVE the Yuke yuke mokey dance PV, I’ll be filling out Bikkuri’s blogger survey. Thanks, bikkuri! It was really fun! I’ll be writing a proper, screen-capped write-up about Monkey Dance when I’m at home. Oh, but I will share with you my friend’s reaction to the monkey suits:

Oh. My. Laundry Soap.
That will be giving me nightmares for weeks.

On to the survey!

1. You have found a magical J-pop genie who will grant you one J-pop related wish (so no wishing for a million dollars or world peace or anything like that). It can be virtually anything as long as it’s directly related to J-pop, and don’t worry, because this is the nice sort of genie, not the kind who will try to find a loop-hole and screw up your wish. So, what do you wish for??? Oh no… my first instinct is completely selfish (I wish for a gift certificate to buy Yossy’s photobooks. ♥) but on thinking about it, what I really want is H!P’s success. Because the more successful they are, the longer I’ll be able to love them!

2. Is there any J-pop artist or group who seriously pisses you off? If yes, who, and why?
Sugaya Risako, is there a Sugaya Risako in the building? I just can’t bear this girl. She reminds me of all the clique-ish brats at my school who get by because people adore them for some odd reason. She’s just so lazy. It’s like she’s purposely trying to insult her fans by putting out 50% effort.

3. Who do you think is the sexiest japanese singer out there?

Hmm, within H!P? I’d say Sayu, because she’s just a sexy beast, but every now and then Kamei catches me off guard and it’s like… “Where did that come from?” I have to go with Kamei. Oh, but not in H!P? Ugh… Leah Dizon-person. I don’t like her music much, but she is rather sexy.

4. How about the cutest?

Difficult. Every time I see Maimai, I just wanna squish her cheeks, and no other H!P girl aside from Fukuda Kanon makes me want to do that. FACIAL CHEEKS.

5. Best personality? Probably… Yossy. She makes me feel at ease just by watching her. But as for a character, I really love Momoko. She’s a perfect Idol.

6. If given the opportunity, would you rather date person 3, person 4, or person 5? So my choices are Eri, the only H!P girl I’ve ever felt sexual at all about, Mai who reminds me of my four year old cousin or Yossy, who I love but in an admiring sort of way (in fact, she makes me think of my mom). Let’s go with Eri!

7. You work for a Japanese music magazine, and you have the opportunity to interview your favorite artist or group. What are a couple of the questions you want to ask them? I’d want to ask Berryz Koubou how they perceive their fans, and how they feel about the choices made by those at UFA, including Tsunku. Do they feel that they could be making better choices regarding the future of the group? Would they like to be my best friends and fly back to America and live with me?!

8. What’s the best (J-pop) song to listen to when you are really sad? I always listen to j-pop when I’m sad, so that’s hard. I generally listen to Ai’s “Yume kara samete”, AKB48’s “Kinjirareta Futari” and Utada Hikaru’s “First love” and “Dare ka no Negai ga Kanau Koro” when I just want to let myself be sad, but when I need to cheer up fast, I listen to W’s “Ai no Imi wo Oshiete.”

9. When you’re really happy? “Ai no Imi wo Oshiete” or Berryz’ “Munasawagi Scarlet” (I associate a really happy event in my life with that song!).

10. Do you often sing along to your favorite songs? Yes! I only sing aloud when others aren’t around (unless it’s Mr. Moonlight, because I can’t help but sing along there), but with others around I still mouth the words.

11. How about dance? No, never.

12. Artistic integrity question!! If someone offered to pay you for blogging, but they were allowed to censor some of your opinions or veto some of your blogging ideas, would you do it?

-inward sob- Yes, I would. Because I have need of money currently (if I get a job in the near future, I would say no). Hey look, I just got a job pet-sitting! So I can safely say “HELLZ NO! Give me blogging liberty or give me death.”

This post is lacking pictures, and lately I’ve been loving Kanna, so… here’s some Kanna for you!


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