At least she didn’t wink.

Alternate title: Reina, get out of the way, I can’t see Saki. Or Maimi. Or Yuuka. Hell, I can barely see Ai.

I’ll keep my opinions brief. By the way, I don’t think I’ve stressed this enough, so, I HATE REINA. She’s right down there with Risako on my H!P list. The fact that Reina is in this group totally ruined it for me.

-Honestly, this PV was exactly what I was expecting. A crapload of Reina screentime, a few seconds of Saki and Maimi, and a nice but not too difficult looking dance.

-What surprised me was the lack of Yuuka-time. I thought that, as a cutie pie l’il Eggie-poo, she’d be getting a fair amount of screen time, but she gets next to nothing.

-Ai can best pull the feeling of this song/PV off, but she surprisingly gets very little screen time when compared with Reina. And mind you, I’m using Reina’s name with as much annoyance and condescension as possible. I am just awful at thinking up snappy insults and will thus leave her name as is.

-Sakitan, there are people who think you’re pretty! I certainly do. I really, REALLY wanted her to do something attention grabbing, like, I dunno, start breakdancing or drop-kick Reina or start waving around Risako’s dismembered head like it was the head of Medusa.

-This whole PV would gain +200 points in my mind if the awesome pairing of Sakitan and Maimi were given a dance battle during the bridge. Heck, even just having those two dancing together, without Ai, Reina or Yuuka doing anything to disrupt would make it better.


8 Responses to At least she didn’t wink.

  1. nozofan says:

    Oh, I’m not thinking like you this time. I like Reina. Yeah, I think she taking too much place (Like Ai) this time. But she’s doing great int this Pv. Ai really look great too. It’s may be the first time I’m liking her in a PV ! Saki is great too. I never really notice her. It’s bad she doesnt get so much attention. She look really cool there. ( I hope Saki and Yurina can kick out Risako ! ) I don’t really know why, but i didnt like Maimi in this. She doesnt fit ! And the H!P egg is cute, but too young for that style !

  2. Usa-chan says:

    I’m just so used to disliking Reina. So what other people see as good, I see as bad when she does it! Ah well.

    Maybe Maimi doesn’t fit because she’s sooo tall?

  3. noa says:

    Yuuka is too young for this style. I mean, the girl is older than me but she doesn’t look a day over nine. I originally though that Ai would be the center of this project because she’s the leader of Morning Musume and very popularized. When I saw Reina hogging the screen it kind of made me a little bit sick. What happened to shabondama era Reina? What’s all of this cutesy crap? Thoug I must agree that her look fit the video.
    As for Maimi . . . poor girl. Tsunku might as well have just thrown her in to balance the heights and add another pretty girl to the mix. She seems so out of place and for the first time she’s shoved to the back when she’s one of the best dancers. The same for Saki, amazing dancer, no screentime. I counted what? Two solo lines (Three to four words each) and three close ups. The dance instructor probably made the dance fairly easy because of poor little egg Yuuka. If the girl’s had no training before imagine what a time she had with sensei. Does anyone else notice tha Yuuka looks like she can’t keep up? To me she looks worried while the rest of the girls are using their acting skills to look serious. Yuuka looks like a dead fish. No offense by that, Yuuka was the cutest in my opinion. I hope that’s not why she was put into High King in the first place.

  4. Usa-chan says:

    how old is she, anyways? 14? Hmm… as for Reina, I’m starting to think that Reina just can’t control herself when it comes to screeching out lines like a sick goat and attempting to be adorable. No one in her position could fool them self into thinking that they were good at it otherwise.

    I too was surprised about Maimi being shoved to the back. She’s one of the more popular H!P kids, so you’d think she’s get more screentime.

    Yuuka’s a bit of a wild-card here. I think that the point of adding her was just to debut another cutie-pie egg in the hopes of getting a ManoEri like reaction from wota.

  5. noa says:

    I also noticed that the members have random hats on. Ai: pimp hat. Yuuka: hat that your dad wears when he goes fishing. Saki- Mini version of Ai’s pimp hat. Pimp hat wins two to one 😛

    Is it just me or does Reina just keep getting skinnier and skinnier in each PV? Seriously, it’s like someone stuck a watermelon on a toothpick and told it to dance.

  6. Usa-chan says:

    Don’t forget the pigtails. Someone had to glue those things onto the melon before she could dance. And yet, something was missing, Reina thought. Something like… *GLITTER*!

  7. noa says:

    Yes! *GLITTER* reina thought as she adjusted one of her glued pigtails. On the first day of shooting the cinderella complex video, reina proceeded to dump a canister of glitter all over her wooden toothpickish body. Little did she know, Yuuka was allergic to glitter so her head swelled nearly to the size of Reina’s.

    Tsunku notices this and borrows a fishing hat from his trophy wife and gives it to Yuuka. Saki, Maimi, Ai, and Risako all watch in confusion. Wait– why is Risako here?! Maimi and Saki hold a competition for best riverstomp.

    What’s this?! Risako just fell to the floor because of her clumsy dancing physique and is now vulnerable to the wrath of Saki and Maimi’s supersonic feet! Oh nooooo! There goes Reina too!!! Stomp Yajima and Saki-tan! Stomp until you declare a winner! Tsunku backs himself into a corner with Eri Kamei and sits in the fetal position.

  8. Usa-chan says:

    -wipes eyes- Oh man, that was too funny. You have a gift!

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