Maybe it’s just a coincidence…

First it was Airi, Risako and Sayumi singing Momoiro Kataomoi:

Then it was Sayu and Risako with Robokiss:

Now at the upcoming joint Berryz and C-ute concert, we have Risako and Airi singing a duet version of Very Beauty.

It’s always interesting when H!P repeats things like they do here. Sometimes I wonder about Tsunku’s decisions. I wonder how he came up with songs like The Peace and Sou Da! We’re Alive, why he constantly promotes only certain girls, and why the hell he can’t create a decent faster song for Matsuura Aya anymore. Then I realize that I already know why. The reason, my friends, is that Tsunku can afford better drugs than most. And he can probably afford a lot of ’em.

I predict that Airi and Sayu will be performing a duet sometime soon… Oh, and is it just me, or does Risako dance incredibly lazily? Just more to hate about her…

8 Responses to Maybe it’s just a coincidence…

  1. nozofan says:

    Yeah Airi and Sayu.. May be in the next concert !
    And the Robokiss performance i hate it so much ! And yes Risako was so lazy and aaahh I dislike it so much >.<

  2. maiZe says:

    I listened to one of the concert recordings, and Risako DESTROYED Very Beauty. I actually wanted to cry, because I love that song so much.

    And as for Risako being a lazy dancer, I’ve been saying that for months! (I think… I’ve definitely complained about it in the Dschinghis Khan PV… And that was March – so yea… Months! XD) While I’m not at the point of hating on Risako, I’m definitely not all that impressed with her. She’s highly overrated.

  3. Usa-chan says:

    @nozofan: I didn’t think the Robokiss performance as /so/ bad… I mean, I was expecting my ears to bleed. but istill didn’t like it much.

    @maiZe: Oh noooo…. no! I mean, I expected it (she even ruined it on the single, for me), but I was still secretly hoping that Risako was able to not kill that performance. Oh noooo!

    And yeah. She’s waaay over-promoted, in my book.

  4. Vulpi says:


    Sugaya is the laziest performer I’ve ever seen. In the really energetic concert numbers where everyone’s engaging with the audience and having a good time, she just looks like she doesn’t even want to be there and has this incredibly snotty, bored look on her face. It drives me insane. DX Sometimes I feel like I could grow to like her, but I can’t tolerate this in an idol at all.

    Can’t wait for that Airi/Sayu duet if things do go as you’ve predicted~ Though Airi will definitely outshine Sayu vocally, but hey, I don’t care. XD

  5. momotaro says:

    i like the way risako dances, i find it endearing.

  6. yossha says:

    Even seeing the pictures of the “Robokiss” performance, I noticed how Sayumi was really putting her all into the dancing, making exaggerated/cute faces and the like, while Sugaya was just riding on her effort without doing much herself. The best example is this picture:

    …which I probably just hotlinked from Hello! Online’s picboard. Just go to H!O and search for Sugaya’s name in the Sayumi catagory, you’ll find it. XD

  7. strawberrie says:

    Well we have to think Tsunku is basically providing the songs but there is a higher up in UFA which is why we don’t always favor the songs/performances completely. Tsunku is more like the face of UFA, I’m sure Tsunku would have given the girls more of a chance.

  8. Usa-chan says:

    @Vupli: Ehe, you’re welcome? I’ve never liked Risako (ever. Even when I couldn’t tell them apart, she was always “that one i don’t like”), so her lazy dancing just gets added to the list of things to dislike about her. And actually, I really like Sayu’s voice. ^^’. So I’d love hearing that duet.

    @momotaro: That’s interesting. her laziness is endearing?

    @Yossha: Yup. Sayumi > Sugaya, every time. And the link you gave me wouldn’t work, but I can guess which picture it is.

    @strawberrie: That’s sort of what I was thinking… but Tsunku on drugs is more fun of an idea.

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