Now she’s just a yolk…?


I’m so sad about this. Mucchi is/was my favorite Egg.

(My dear friend gave me the idea for this title when she asked that of Mucchi as I wailed in despair. Really, I did.


Like that.)

On to the rest of the post!


This is what Mutou Mika looked like when I was first starting to discover the Eggs (I always sort of glossed over them- I saw them in concerts, and it’s like they didn’t register until I saw the 2006 Wonderful Hearts Summer). And when I saw this picture I thought “She has to be the ugliest member of H!P. Ever.” And yet she was the only one whose name I could remember, or whom I could pick out whenever a camera man accidentally caught a moment of Eggie-face while panning to get a better view of Nacchi, or Reina, or Yui(‘s boobs).

I love Mucchi!

To me, this picture sums up what I love about Mucchi the most: She is NOT an idol. She’s up there flashing a cheerful and cute peace sign, and yet her expression is so serious and almost bored. The total clash between the two shows that she didn’t totally know what she was doing, and I love that about her. She’s kinda like Maasa in that respect. Maybe I just like the weird girls?


Mucchi rocks with longer hair, I must say. And does anyone else see a hint of Matsuura Aya in her? Perhaps around the eyes?

Mu power!

In case anyone needed proof that Mucchi was hot as well as being a cutie, here it is. And I just love that expression!


As if to lend weight to the Matsuura Aya likeness, here she is doing Ayaya’s famous cheek-puffing out face… Well alright, not really. But that’s what I thought of when I saw this! Yes, I am a spazz.

Moar mu


Final proof that Mutou Mika has her own special charm. Even up against H!P greats like Rika, Yossy and Konno, and even just next to the slightly more popular eggs such as Noto Arisa and fan-favorite Mano Erina, Mucchi manages to hold her own.

I’ll miss you, Mucchi! The next Ongaku Egg on my list?



6 Responses to Now she’s just a yolk…?

  1. Churirin says:

    I definitely see the bit of Ayaya in her.

    And to be honest I don’t think she’s ugly =D

    She’s just more of a true representation of an idol: A regular girl who just happens to be famous. She’s not gorgeous, but she’s not ‘omg kill me before I need to talk to her’ ugly.

    I’ll miss her T_T;;

  2. Usa-chan says:

    Exactly! That’s why I love her. To me, idols are just normal girls who somehow become famous, and mucchi embodied that.

  3. noa says:

    Mucchi is prettier than most of the debuted idols.

  4. Usa-chan says:

    T-T Mucchi is… was just amazing.

  5. noa says:

    I agree, she wasn’t a typical run-of-the-mill idol. She was totally unique. The wotas were so distracted by Kanon, Yuuka, and Saki that by the time they had realized that Mucchi had blossomed into a beautiful girl with a great personality, she had already resigned from H!P. She was my favorite even when most were convinced that she was hideous.

  6. Usa-chan says:

    i think she was my favorite almost because others thought she was hideous. Heck, I did too, for a while. But then horrified disgust turned to horrified interest to a kind of adoration.

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