Look, it’s KAGO!

Yep, definitely Aibon...

Kago’s first interview in years…

“She’s really back?” That was my first impression. My second was “Whaddup with the hair? It looks like a wig”. For those who don’t know, Aibon is giving her first interview in… y’know, a while. More complete information can be found at Some Boys! Blog.

I’m not a big fan of Ai’s. She’s not my favorite Momusu, and I don’t think I was even into H!P at a time when she was still in it. But that said, Kago fascinates me. Similar to Goto Maki, Kago caught the public attention and refused to let it go throughout her career. Even now she has devoted fans, haters, and people everywhere just waiting and praying for her to come back.

What is it about an idol that appeals so much to people? Is there some sort of “idoling” gene that some people possess that allows them to touch people’s hearts like that? And if so, is there also an “Idol appreciation” gene for those of us who allow ourselves to be touched by idols (ignoring how dirty that sounds)?

But seriously, what is that that makes someone see a group of people to be admired and loved, and someone else just see a bunch of young people with mediocre voices bouncing around in skimpy clothes? For me, I was a fan from the moment I first heard Berryz Koubou’s cute voices. And yet when I showed my friend the same PV that I first saw (Warrachaou yo Boyfriend), her reaction was “Um… can we do something more interesting? Like, I dunno, studying the mating rituals of worms?”. How can two people have such radically different reactions?

Wow, this got off topic.

To Kago, and all of us who have the Idol-appreciation gene, good luck!


2 Responses to Look, it’s KAGO!

  1. YankeeOtaku says:

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  2. Xacur says:

    Aibon is something special, I love her, she is the reason why I like the Idol thing and those stuffs, I always thought it was ridiculous or even creepy, but when I first saw her everything I thought didn’t matter anymore.
    We have been waiting for about 2 years, even more.

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