Namida no Iro Full PV: I’m not angry…


I’ve seen it. And I won’t get angry. I will not get angry. Really, after Resonant Blue, I shouldn’t be able to get angry over unfair line distribution any more.

So now, with the utmost LACK of anger, I say to you; did anyone besides Maimi and Airi get ANY lines? I do believe that at one point, Saki made a sort of whining noise, which is all very well and good, but where’s the Chisai? And Mai, doesn’t she normally get at least one line? Kanna and Erika didn’t stand a chance, blown away by Airi’s sub-par vocals and fan-backing. It is with joy, of course, that I report that this is a monstrous mis-use of talent, and really, just plain mean to the fans of the girls who aren’t Airi and Maimi.


6 Responses to Namida no Iro Full PV: I’m not angry…

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  2. amyrulez says:

    Whoa… Chill out…( ^o^)

  3. Usa-chan says:

    Eheh, I’m chilled out now! I don’t mind it as much… at least you c an see the other girls, right?

  4. Kiichigo says:

    I LOVE °C-ute band!!! It’s soooo lovely and cute!!! ^^ Sorry I can’t speak English very well… -.-” But anyway, I love it!!!

  5. Usa-chan says:

    @Kiichigo: I love C-ute too! They are a wonderful band!♥ (Your English is great!)

  6. AJ febuary9 says:

    love that!

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