March 3, 2008


The members of the new group Milky Way have finally been announced. Along with Kusumi, two of my favorite h!p eggs will be singing! Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka. Sayaka’s face reminds me a little of Miyabi’s… mostly cause it’s also very long. Kikkawa Yuu I just think is really cute.

I can’t wait to see how the Eggs do. Although I can’t help but wish that some of the less promoted h!p kids had been given this role. I mean, use what you already have, Tsunku…



March 3, 2008


So, since Masuyama Kayano left AKB48, someone decided that there needed to be a new Antennae girl and demoted Oku Manami from Half-headed girl (only half of her hair is ever styled). I’m not sure what to say.

Nice Girls

March 2, 2008

So thanks to Maple GreenTea we have all of h!p’s mean girls (I disagree about Jun and Sayu, but that’s something for later). Now I shall list the girls I think of as H!p’s gentlest souls. Why? Honestly, because I can’t think of anything else to write.


Konno Asami: Has she ever said anything mean about anyone? And really, anyone who states that their tension rises when they’re around microwave ovens (specifically when the timer goes off) has to be a good person.


Mitsui Aika: Aika is just a big snuggly wriggly puppy. Honestly, that’s what I think of when I think of her.


Kamei Eri: Eri’s like the girl next door (the incredibly sexy, talented girl next door). She has an easy going aura about her.


Suzuki Airi: I just couldn’t picture her hurting a fly. Now that I’ve written that, I’m starting to think that maybe the feeling I get from Airi is less gentle and friendly and more passive… Hm.


Kumai Yurina: Yurina’s kindness comes from her natural, airheaded persona. I don’t think bitchiness would even occur to her.


Yoshizawa Hitomi: Yossy is nice in a big sisterly kind of way. Like the kind of nice person who’d beat up the bullies on the playground for you.


Iida Kaori: She’s kind of like h!p’s mother-figure. I felt it was so fitting that she had a child, because she’s so motherly and caring. Junjun is like this too.

Random: Kei looks good with a mustache.