This is just a venting post about Resonant Blue.

I love this song. I really, really do. It’s fun, the vocals are pretty good, sure it’s not original, but it’s got a nice sound all the same.

And then I saw the PV. And all I can say is WHAT THE FUCK. I do not say “fuck” often, but I’m saying it now. What the FUCK?! It’s… it’s one long dance shot. With a few close-ups of Koharu, Reina and Ai. A dance shot. I mean, even La la la shiawase no Uta had something aside from just dancing and a few close-ups, despite how flimsy that something was. I’m just so furious! The first few seconds gave me so much hope: A close up on the 8th gen, and cool dark outfits. Then Mittsi and the pandas danced out to the back and sides and stayed there for the ENTIRE pv. And the thing is…the girls who do get screentime and singing time at all are some of my lesser favorites in Momusu. In fact, two out of the three who get up any real screen-time make up my MM Bottom Two.


Yes, Kusumi. Hide your face in shame at this sad PV.

Another thing: What are they wearing? Ai and Reina look kinda cool (in a goth/pirate sort of way), but Kusumi is wearing what appears to be black sweatpants, and her dad’s shirt and vest. And the girls who don’t get to solo sing at all (IE everyone else) are dressed in head-to-toe black. All black is what the stage crew wears on opening night. They wear that so no one can see them as they set up props. The point of being a Musume is being SEEN. Blending in is not good.


Oh mighty lord Tsunku, give Kamei a line already!

To wrap up this pointless rant on a positive note, the few good things about this PV: Everyone, from the glimpses of them that I got over Reina, Kussun and Ai’s shoulders looked great, and Sayumin’s “HELP ME!” line was adorable and well done (A la Shabondama?).


Those Gaki/Kame shared lines may be the only thing that makes me want to watch this PV again.



I’m sorry, Sayu. If only I could.

8 Responses to Wut?

  1. amyrulez says:

    Let us pray as hard as we could and keep our finger crossed for Morning Musume’s better PVs…

  2. Usa-chan says:

    Indeed. I wonder if this is just a dance-shot version, and not the actual PV? Like how V-u-den’s ja Ja Uma paradise came out with that “pink Version” before the actual PV.

  3. amyrulez says:

    Oh, really! Senpai, ippai kittai!!!

  4. amyrulez says:

    Um… Usa-senpai, I’ve been thinking about this lately. Are you a Japanese? Or an American perhaps? Just curious…

  5. Usa-chan says:

    I’m American!

  6. amyrulez says:

    Thought so. Juz can’t believe that I’m a friend to an American-girl! (Big deal. Yeah, it is!) ^_^

    I wonder if I can see a picture of you next…

  7. nozofan says:

    There soulb be two other version of this Pv. It’s on Tsunku blog. (I can’t read japanese but some people mention it on Hello ! Online comments) Hope it would be better !
    But, Aika is just so awesome !

  8. Usa-chan says:

    @Amyrulez: Is it really that amazing? I wonder… (I have lots of friends worldwide). As for a picture, probably not for a while! Heh.

    @nozofan: Really? Oh, that just made my night! Thank you. An yup, Aika is awesome.

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