Duets I’d love to see…

… at the upcoming Berryz and C-ute joint concert. Although I don’t think it’s very likely that each of the members will get paired into a duet (the “shadow” girls will probably just get tossed into being backdancers for the more popular members, with a solo line here and there), it’d be the most amazing thing ever if there was. At least, that’s what I was thinking during math class today (I do my best thinking when I should be concentrating on my “teacher”). I scribbled my ideas for duets down in my notebook, and here I’ll try to make sense of them.


Shimizu Saki and Yajima Maimi:

Songs to perform: A medley with loads of kickass dancing. Perhaps Tokkaiko Junjou–> Today is my Birthday –> Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai.

Reasoning: Saki and Maimi are the dancers of their groups. They’re both leaders of their respective groups, and they have a similarly low vocal range. Plus, they were my favorites within ZYX, and getting them together again would be like a dream come true. Their songs would need to be very dance-able and have a faster pace.

Tsugunaga Momoko and Nakajima Saki

Songs to perform: 21ji Made no Cinderella or Ookina Ai de Motenashite

Reasoning: While Saki S. and Maimi may be the ones known for dancing, Momoko and Saki N. are my favorites to watch dance. Plus, these two are just so completely cute! Put them together and something whacky and fun is bound to result. I chose 21ji because it’s a song that seems to fit Momo, and it’d be interesting to see whether or not Saki could pull it off. Ookina Ai I picked because… it’s perfect. The oddness of the dance, and those freaky too-high bits are so much fun. Random: While watching that Momoko/Megumi/Reina/Maimi performance of Suki Sugite baka Mitai, my mom came in and asked, of Momo, “Why is that 10 year old dancing like a stripper?”. I still find that funny to this day…


Tokunaga Chinami and Okai Chisato

Songs to perform: Yuujou Junjou Oh Seishun or Bokura no Kagayaki

Reasoning: The idea of Chisato and Chinami performing together at this concert was actually what gave me the idea to do this in the first place! Each has the place of the joker within their group, and both have similarly short hair and tan skin. their performance would have heaps of energy, and lots of jumping around and fist pumping. Those are two of my favorite songs from either group, and total crowd pleasers. Much like these two ladies themselves!


Sudou Maasa and Ariharra Kanna

Song to perform: Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai

Reasoning: these two just seemed to work together nicely in my mind. I’ve no real explanation for this choice, or really even why I chose this song except to say that Maasa was cute in the PV and I wish it were performed more often. Heh…


Natsuyaki Miyabi and Suzuki Airi

Songs to perform: First Kiss or Very Beauty

Reasoning: These are both the “vocally talented” members of their groups (I will admit that Miya is the best in berryz, but Airi for c-ute? Not quite), right? They were both in Aa! together, right? They simply must perform together! Out of all of these pairings, I think this one is most likely to actually occur during the concert. Plus I actually really want to hear Airi sing Very Beauty. And these two might sound nice together on something slower and more ballad-y.


Kumai Yurina and Umeda Erika

Songs to perform: Tsuugaku Vector or Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW?

reasoning: They’re both really tall, okay?! TALLNESS WINS! Joking aside, I think that these two might work nicely together, physically and vocally. I’vealways wanted Yurina to sing a solo or smal group version of Nanchuu Koi because she has the right kind of power in her voice to do a great job. And… I just like Tsuugaku Vector. I can even hear them singing that in my head. That may not be a good thing…


Sugaya Risako and Hagiwara Mai

Songs to perform: Special Generation or Sakura Chirari

Reasoning: They’re both the youngest in their groups. And… when paired up with Mai, Risako suddenly seems bearable. 0_0! Special Generation I chose because it must be performed at some point or other in this concert. And Sakura Chirari I just added randomly on whim. but now that it’s there, I get the feeling Risako would do well singing the line “Miagereba utsukushii yozora ni toketeiku” towards the end. And by well I mean… y’know, how she normally sounds.


One Response to Duets I’d love to see…

  1. strawberrie says:

    Interesting….I can’t wait to see if one of your pairs comes true at the C-ute vs Berryz Concert

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