Oh right, C-ute.

I’m sorry! I really did intend to do C-ute (‘s ranking) the day after Berryz, but… y’know, it didn’t happen. SO, I’ll finally finish up with my rankings of the Big Three tonight.


1st: I never really cared about Okai (or any of the Cuties, for that matter). Then I saw that tiny little clip of Chisato sounding EXACTLY like Fujimoto Miki, and realized that this girl was a force to be reckoned with. At the time, there was basically nothing of her singing solo that I could find to listen to, which would have made it hard for me to really like any other girl. Not Chisato! She’s just so darn cute, and so funny. She reminds me a bit of Tokunaga Chinami; they’re both the joke-makers of their respective groups, and they are both tan and short haired. Oh, and Chisato is just begging to be nicknamed Mini-Miki. Their voices are SO similar!

Listen, Tsunku. Chisato’s voice will bring about world peace and make grown men want to skip about and pet little kitties. So if you like world peace and kitties and all that jazz, make Chisato a lead singer.

2nd: Teeny tiny little Mai-mai fought her way into my heart and stayed there. She is adorable. She’s the youngest of the h!p kids and thus automatically the cutest in my mind. If my madness seems to have no method, well… then… MOVING ON!

3rd: I formed the opinion early on that Erika was the one who had made the biggest changes, physically, since joining h!p. She’s certainly grown into her looks; before, she was this gangly kid whose face was so long and thin that she looked like a grasshopper. Now, she’s actually somewhat sexy. Okay, very sexy. Although her voice hasn’t matured at all. It sounds like she’s still 10 years old. You kind of have to admire a 16 year old sexpot that can get away with sounding like a pre-teen, though. No, not Momoko.

4th: Maimi and NakaSaki are tied for me. I only put Maimi higher because…. well, there was no option for a tie (that I could see)! Maimi is good. Not so good that she overshadows the others, but good enough to stand out. Which makes her all the better in my book! Her dancing and singing are not quite on the same level, though. Her voice tends to get a bit manly when she’s tired.

5th: Even though Maimi is the renowned dancer of the h!p kids, Nakajima Saki is my favorite to watch while she dances (aside from Momoko). She gives off this aura of really, truly having a blast! When watching the dance shot for Tokaikko Junjou, Saki caught my eye about 1/3 of the way through, and kept it throughout the rest of the PV. I can’t quite describe what it is, aside from the afore mentioned fun bit. It’s like she adds this extra centimeter to all of the moves that the other girls are doing, throwing herself into it just a bit harder.

6th: I haven’t much of an opinion of Kanna. She’s very pretty, her voice isn’t bad (I loved her on Bokura no Kagayaki. That is, when I could tear my ears away from the amazing Chisato). I’ve heard people say that she seemed to know what she was doing more than the other members of C-ute when she joined, and some people say the exact opposite. Me, I don’t think she stood out as either one. And that may be the problem with Kanna for me; she just doesn’t stand out.

7th: Hello, Airi. Biggest line-hog since Abe on Furusato. And I really don’t like her voice much, either. Something about Airi seems dead to me. Every few performances she seems to really get into it and have a spark in her eyes and an extra bit of kick in her dancing, but at other times she seems so blank. Have I mentioned that I don’t like her voice? It’s a little like Miyabi’s, I suppose. Only lacking the emotion and cool factor.

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