Konno is Bou?!

I was recently looking at some pictures of Konno Asami while listening to Antic Cafe’s wonderful new single, Cherry Saku Yuuki. I can’t listen to anything of Antic Cafe’s without thinking about their wonderful and adorable former guitarist, Bou (he recently left the group for unspecified reasons). So as I sat there, looking at Konno and thinking about Bou, the two just sort of… collided in my mind. Suddenly, all I could think was how similar in looks and, to an extent, character, the two were. Then I wondered, could the reason I like Konkon so much be because she subconsciously reminds me of Bou? After all, I had been a fan of Bou’s for quite a while before even hearing about h!p. And Konno isn’t normally the type of h!p girl I like- she’s super cute, has a voice that isn’t the conventional “good” voice, and her personality is more girly and cute than the cooler roles I normally like.

Could it be that I can thank Bou for helping me to like Konno?



Perhaps I’m just crazy, but I do think that there’s something of a resemblance between the two (or maybe it’s just because they have all the same poses?).


PS: Bou is 100% male. Well, at least 80%. And, because I love it so much and want you all to love it, too, here is a link to Antic Cafe’s newest single/pv : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVb3o6W8Aa4

7 Responses to Konno is Bou?!

  1. Larku says:

    Larlar thinks they are related. C: They do look very alike. -snuggles them both-

  2. peachyusagi says:

    @Larku: Thank you for commenting! ♥ And yay for another vote for their secret separation at birth!

  3. Noru says:

    She isn’t like BOU!!!!! she is like tatsuya fujiwara

    I think that Shiori Sekine the bassist of Base Ball Bear is really alike to Bou (^-^)b

  4. Usa-chan says:

    Hmm… I can kind of see that resemblance, a little (for both of them).

  5. lizzy says:

    …Now that you bring it up, they do look very similar, especially the eyes.

    But Konno has a big square jaw, which Bou doesn’t…

    Anyway you look at it, they’re both cute =^ ◕ ◡◡ ◕ ^=

  6. Takashima Kane says:

    ….They must be at least twins, there’s just no way they’re not related somehow.

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