A Shiawase surprise.

Before writing anything, I’d like to say that I’m really honored to be mentioned on that massive blog-collecting Superblog, International Wota. It’s an honor for someone like me, who used to just sit back and hope that she would one day have a blog that others might look at! Thank you again. Now, on to the main subject.

Dohhh Up! has uploaded the PV for C-ute’s newest single, LALALA Shiawase no Uta (you can also watch it at Hello Online), and I was really pleasantly surprised. I said that I felt slightly optimistic about this song, which was true. But really, slightly optimistic isn’t enough to hook anyone on a song, is it? So I held out my hopes for the PV, and I wasn’t disappointed. Each of the girls looks fabulous (Maimi, Saki and Erika stood out to me in particular), the dance is cute and fun, and there are lots of shiny lights. If there’s one thing I love, it’s pretty shiny lights. Here for your viewing pleasure are some of my favorite screen shots from the PV. I apologize if their quality isn’t that great.


Now, these two shots occur not even 30 seconds into the PV, but they convinced me that it would be wonderful. You see, the dance that the girls are doing here is very reminiscent of a dance that my dear friends spent the majority of the 8th grade trying to teach the eternally clumsy me to perform. Needless to say, C-ute can do it far better than I.


yes, C-ute can do the Can-can.


No, Chisato, I don’t see your solo line anywhere in here, either.

“Here’s the plan, gang! We’ll corner Tsunku-san in the hallway, then push him into the Girl’s bathroom and run!”


Actually, I have no idea what Chisato is doing here…

And this final screen-cap is my favorite. I already mentioned that the PV had some similarities in my mind with Berryz’ Munasawagi Scarlet. Now I shall prove it!


I wonder if Maimi could help clear up Captain and Miyabi’s confusion? Just look how nicely she’s helped Kanna!



Seriously, these three are beautiful. Even with my poor screen-cap taking skills.

7 Responses to A Shiawase surprise.

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  2. Nouciel says:

    “Actually, I have no idea what Chisato is doing here…”
    Holding her lipstick like a pen. So tomboyish. So Chisato! XD

  3. peachyusagi says:

    @Nouciel: You’re right. Isn’t she just great?

  4. gemma says:

    awsome review 🙂
    haha i like the screen shot with ur caption “Here’s the plan, gang! We’ll corner Tsunku-san in the hallway, then push him into the Girl’s bathroom and run!” .. i could just imagine them doing that xD

    By the way..nice blog 🙂
    Ill link you ^^

  5. peachyusagi says:

    @Gemma: Thank you! it’s the grade-school mentality… the opposite gender’s bathroom is just about the scariest place on earth. XD.

  6. Something has to be done about C-ute’s outfits in that PV, though. How frumpy.


  7. peachyusagi says:

    The furry bras make me think of Jane, from Tarzan.

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