The previews of C-ute’s newest single, LALALA Shiawase no uta are out.

My initial reactions to this (after seeing it on Kouhaku) were basically apathetic; I just didn’t care. On hearing that C-ute was going to be singing this as their next single, I just felt ripped off and could only hope that Chisato would get many lines this time around.

Now, on listening to the preview (I don’t hear Chisato. Does anyone else?), I’m feeling slightly more optimistic about this. The song is seriously catchy. It’s already driven its chorus into my skull with a hammer, and the incredibly short PV preview at Someboys blog was promising. The make-up bits reminded me of Munasawagi Scarlett, a PV that I like quite a bit. So while my initial feelings towards this song weren’t all that positive, I’m starting to look forward to this more.


4 Responses to LALALA… ‘Kay.

  1. Ryou says:

    I think everyone felt a little ripped off when they found out that C-ute’s next single was this… and yeah I do see similarities between this and Munasawagi Scarlet’s PV

  2. peachyusagi says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one noticing similarities (my h!p loving cousin looked at me like I was crazy when i said that to her).

  3. You’re right about this single. C-ute has just taken a break.


  4. peachyusagi says:

    @Radicalpatriot: And perhaps the next single will be just as kick-ass as Tokaikko. Thank you for commenting!

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