Hello: First post.

Hello J-pop blogosphere! Yay, I’ve said it. I’ve been into hello!project and Asian idol and singing groups in general for a while now, and I thought that the logical next step in my fangirling would be to make myself a blog.

As the start of my blogging, I’m going to list some of my basic J-pop opinions, thoughts or facts. It’ll be interesting for me to look at in a little while, when the next big changes occur in the J-pop world.

H!P related:

-My first h!p group was Berryz Koubou, and they can thus do no wrong in my eyes. Except Sugaya Risako. That girl can fade to the background. Maasa is my favorite member, followed by Yurina.

-C-ute may be “better” than Berryz. Be that as it may, I will still always like Berryz better. My favorite member of C-ute is Okai Chisato. I mean, that girl can sing!

-I do not think that Suzuki Airi is all that she’s made out to be.

-Yoshizawa Hitomi is my favorite member of H!p. Ever. This will never change.

-Tanaka Reina is my least favorite member of h!p, followed by Kusumi and Risako (I probably just gained a lot of enemies if anyone reads this…)

-Underdogs are the best.

-Within Morning Musume, Kamei Eri, Jun Jun and Mitsui Aika are my favorites.

Non- h!p related:

-Perfume are my favorite new group around. Nocchi is so far the one to have caught my eye.

-I want to get into Super Junior and various groups from Johnny’s but am unsure where to start. Any help would be loved!

– I’ve recently discovered AKB48, and was surprised that I liked them. Miyazawa Sae is currently my favorite member. Kashiwagi Yuki (who looks like a cute little seal to me!) is next.

-Miyavi is my favorite singer outside the J-pop world.

I look forward to blogging! Please regard me kindly.



7 Responses to Hello: First post.

  1. Ryou says:

    Alo Hello!!!! It’s Aa!_Masayume from the cult–Guild! I meant guild! haha 😀
    I agree with your Airi Comment (yet am still a fan… due to Aa!)
    And Yossi pwns XD
    I’ll look forward to your next post 😀

  2. peachyusagi says:

    Yay, my cult- I mean, guild friend!

    Thank you for stopping by! It makes me happy!

  3. WaterHealer says:

    Hey Usagi! 😀 It’s me from Gaia. XD See, I do click links sometimes. 😉

  4. Ham-Cham says:

    Hallo!!!!~~ XD :3 I’ll be watching this.

    ~Hammi (midnightfur? Gaia~~)

  5. peachyusagi says:

    Aw,thank you guys!

    Yay for Wahi-chan clicking links! it’s quite an achievement.

  6. You have great opinions. Suzuki, though, is the best voice in H!P right now. Dancing? Not so great, but she has the pipes.


  7. peachyusagi says:

    @Radicalpatriot: I’ve always felt a little sorry for Airi, since she gets such a big load of lines. I mean, she has to hit a bunch of challenging notes and dance at the same time more than any of the others! And her performance sometimes suffers cause of that. If they spread her lines out among the other girls just a little bit, I think it’d give Airi a chance to catch her breath and sound even better.

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